SpyX/ Lite Hand -Cool light device for your hands&fingers to navigate the dark. Must have gear for a spy collection. Lite beams attach to fingers to distract your target or stealthly see in the dark!

This cool SpyX Lite Hand spy toy straps lights right onto your junior spy’s hand.
The Elastic strap fits nicely around the wrist while the four LED lights strap around the four fingers.
The lights light up right at your fingertips.
Let your spy use this cool new toy to see better in the dark, or distract the enemy… just by using their hand!
Your little spy can use this toy on all of their missions, and is SUPER fun when two or more are used at the same time!

SpyX provides junior agents with all of the gadgets and gear needed to spy like a pro. Playing spy is a fun way for kids to use their imagination while learning valuable skills through role play.

This Lite Hand is best for ages 6+.

Collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate spy play experience.

Product Features

  • Turn your own hands into a source of light! Explore the dark rooms by just strapping the spy hand lite to your wrist and have loads of fun.
  • Light tubes glow to light your way with 4 bright led’s. Perfect buddy item – keep 2 on hand for dual playing!
  • Features on/off and flash pattern controls.
  • Elastic strap sits comfortably on your wrist to leave your hands free to do other important spy work.
  • Collect all spyx toys for the ultimate spy play experience.

Ferris wheel Building model with metal Beams and screws Lights & Music 954 pcs

Magical Model Kids’ DIY Metal Big Wheel With Lights & Music 954 pcs. Let your kids built it themselves with this brilliant metal Big Wheel! This DIY kit lets your children develop their practical skills and build a metal Big Wheel of their very own! Perfect for budding engineers, and this model also includes lights and music! DIY format – This is a classic ‘make it yourself’ kit, with all the pieces necessary to build a model metal Big Wheel. Practical and fun! Complete kit – This kit includes everything your child will need to assemble their own toy Big Wheel – there are 954 pieces in total. This model includes lights and music – simply wind up and watch! Features: Materials – Metal and Plastic Metal big wheel set Educational and fun Promotes play Suitable age range. 8 years and up

Product Features

  • Advanced building set 954 pcs to construct a ferris wheel with light & music.
  • Beautiful step by step instruction booklet to guide you from beginning to end.
  • A great project that will keep your kids entertained for hours.
  • Makes an amazing gift and great for imaginary play.
  • Made of top quality and safety tested.