Max Factory strikes back with painted figma Cardcaptor Sakura

Surprise! In what almost seems like an intentional piece of counter-programming, the figma blog decided today was the day to release the first fully painted shot of the upcoming figma Sakura Kinomot. Though we’ve seen her in grey plastic before, this is the first time we’ve seen the iconic pink and white in place.

Naturally, she’s looking pretty ace. It may be the lighting, but it seems as if Max Factory have gone for a slightly softer, paler palette than the very bold S.H. Figuarts version and the level of detail is as outstanding as always. In past coverage most of you guys have voiced a strong preference to stand by Max Factory and resist the temptation of the SHF version, and based on this I doubt those people are going to be disappointed

[ via figma blog

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DST’s latest PREVIEWS-featured offerings may take you Back to the Future

Diamond Select Toys’ new offerings in the latest issue of PREVIEWS include a very expensive Back to the Future 2 Mr. Fusion prop replica (priced around US$400!), the affordable-y awesome Marvel Select Cable (US$25), a cool new Godzilla bottle-opener (US$18), and a Captain Kirk vinyl bank bust (US$23).

Other offerings include Grimm Fairy Tales Minimates Series 1 Box Set (US$20), Godzilla Burning Godzilla 12″ Vinyl Figural Bank (US$40), and more. Most of these items are available through the usual retailers although you can also just pre-order through Diamond Select Toys’ site (each listing features a pre-order link).

[ Pre-order at Diamond Select Toys ]

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Marvel Select Cable headlines back cover of September issue of Previews

Diamond Comics’ new issue of PREVIEWS showcases Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Select Cable, just one of the many things I was excited to see at SDCC. It’s probably worth he’s also currently available for pre-order.

DST’s Marvel Select Cable might be my favorite figure version of the character, in no small part because it gives Cable that proper bulky look. I suspect that the body armor might impede his movement but gosh darn does it look awesome.

DST’s MS Cable can be pre-ordered for around US$25 and is slated for a March release.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth | Big Bad Toy Store ]

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Hot Toys MMS260 Back to the Future: 1/6th scale DeLorean Time Machine Collectible Vehicle

You can pre-order this from Sideshow Collectibles

“Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?”

Since the debut of the Hot Toys “Back to the Future: Marty McFly” Collectible Figure this year, many fans were extremely excited about the news and filled with joy especially after seeing the prototype of the figure along with the iconic DeLorean Time Machine shown at various toy fairs this Summer. Today Hot Toys is delighted to officially introduce the 1/6th scale DeLorean Time Machine Collectible Vehicle for all Back to the Future fanatics!

The movie-accurate DeLorean Time Machine collectible vehicle is very detailed and specially crafted based on the film, featuring a meticulously crafted exterior with cable wires across body, detailed structure of the time machine’s engine deck and cabin, functional gull-wing doors, and a number of LED light-up functions on the exterior and interior.

Fans of this best time-travelling film of all time should not miss the chance to pre-order this incredible collectible and add it to your prized collection!
Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS260 Back to the Future: 1/6th scale DeLorean Time Machine Collectible Vehicle specially features: Authentically and detailed 1/6th scale DeLorean Time Machine in Back to the Future. Vehicle is approximately 72cm L x 35cm W x 21cm H

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

Exterior specially features: Six (6) front LED lights, Eight (8) rear LED lights. Meticulously crafted exterior with cable wires across body and detailed structure of the DeLorean Time Machine’s engine deck, Functional gull-wing doors, Turnable front wheels
Interior specially features: Two (2) seaters, One (1) flux capacitor with LED light-up function, One (1) set of time circuits,Detailed components with LED light-up function

Release date: Q1 – Q2, 2016

You can pre-order this from Sideshow Collectibles

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You can pre-order the from Sideshow Collectibles

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Get back to school with this Nendoroid More Classroom preview

To celebrate its release this week, the Good Smile Company Lab blog took a quick overview of the new Nendoroid More Cube #01 set. Designed to recreate the interior of your average Japanese classroom, the set comes with a blackboard backdrop, desks, lockers, book and even a charming Nendoroid-sized computer.

The preview is full of charm, roping in school-themed Nendoroids like Chitoge and Ryuko and Mako to show everything off. As ever from GSC the level of detail is wonderful, from the opening lockers to the clearly printed book spines. It’s a cute little diorama that’s ideal for some photo ops, and at just ¥1,512 it won’t break the bank either.

[ Order at HobbyLink Japan | Hobby Search | AmiAmi | Big in Japan ]

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Preview Kotobukiya Super Street Fighter IV Juri Bishoujo Statue – Is that a spider on her back?

Seems like Street Fighter is getting a lot of attention lately, see previous posts HERE and HERE.

Juri Han (ハン・ジュリ Han Juri, Korean: 한주리 or 韓蛛俐) is a character in the Street Fighter series. She makes her debut in Super Street Fighter IV, where she is a main character in the storyline. She is 25 years old (as of Super Street Fighter IV) and is described as a somewhat mean and nasty member of S.I.N. Juri is the first South Korean character and the first Taekwondo user in the Street Fighter series, as well as the first true villainess.

This Kotobukiya Super Street Fighter IV Juri Bishoujo Statue follows in line with all their Bishoujo series. Bishōjo (美少女, literally “beautiful young girl”, also spelled bishoujo) is a Japanese term used to refer to young and pretty girls, usually below university age. Bishōjo characters are seen in almost all genres of anime and manga, especially in dating sims and visual novels (also known as bishōjo games), and harem anime and manga. One of the main draws of these series is typically the art and the attractive female characters.

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

Juri wears a purple dudou (a form of Chinese underwear) on her chest supported with eight straps that meet on her back, forming a spider pattern. She wears long, baggy, off-white colored trousers and purple tights, and long, fingerless gloves. Her fingernails and toenails are painted bright pink. She has dark hair styled into two horn-like bangs at the top of her head, which appear to be fastened with pink ribbons. She wears Taekwondo foot wraps on her feet.

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You can pre-order this from Sideshow Collectibles

You can pre-order this from Sideshow Collectibles

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Magnetic Letters – 100 Alphabet Magnets – Wooden ABC Letters – 3 Full Alphabets Plus Extra Multiple Use Letters – Uppercase and Lowercase – Includes eBook With Fun Educational Games – 100% Money Back Guarantee


Our Magnetic Letters Make Learning Fun and Easy

Children learn best when learning is fun. Use our colourful and tactile letters to play simple word games with your children and be rewarded with a bright smile as they spell mom or cat or baby.

The Features and Benefits of Our Magnetic Letters

Designed with the child in mind:

– Light weight wood with full back magnets, so they stay in place.

– Strong enough to hold their own weight, yet little fingers easily move them around.

– Bright, warm, friendly colors help make letter recognition easy

– Printed with a durable silk screen finish, unlike colored paper that falls of when wet.

– 100 letters mean children can create simple, multiple word sentences.

– Styled in the tradition of classic wooden toys.

Bonus Free eBook

Reading, writing and spelling starts with the alphabet.

We want your child to have the best start to their education. When you buy our magnetic letter set, we are very pleased to include a free eBook packed with 33 fun letter games and activities – $4.97 value.

Written by Michelle Horne, a school teacher with over 16 years of classroom experience, each game is designed to help with –

* Letter recognition and phonics.

* Uppercase and lowercase.

* Creating words and simple sentences.

Our No-Hassle Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer support and we will fully refund your purchase. No questions asked. You can place your order with confidence.

Don’t wait. Click the ADD TO CART button at the top of this page and make learning fun

Product Features

  • WHAT ARE THEY MADE FROM? These alphabet magnets are a wooden toy. Each letter comes with a soft, full back magnet, and is finished in bright, colorful silk screen print. The letters are packaged in a tough polyester bag, making them easy to store. Letter sizes are 2 inches x 1.6 inch (5cm x 4.2cm).
  • ARE THEY SAFE? Yes. This set of magnetic letters are required to meet the highest standards for toys, The American Society for Testing and Materials, and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. They have been lab tested and certified. The letters exceed these standards. They are very safe for a child to use.
  • ARE THEY DURABLE? Yes. Often other wooden magnetic letters are simply printed paper, glued on to wood. Which is fine, until a child puts them into their mouth. The paper then becomes wet and actually falls off. To avoid this problem, these letters have been finished with silk screen printing. This is a big jump in quality and makes for a long lasting finish on the letters.
  • EDUCATIONAL? Yes. Magnetic Letters are an educational toy and can be the first contact a child has with the Alphabet. Other brands will typically sell a set of 52 letters. This limits how many words can be created. A child may require a second set just to spell their own name. To overcome this problem, this set of alphabet letters consists of 26 uppercase and 52 lowercase letters. Also included are an additional 22 multiple use vowels and consonants. The letter font has been specifically chosen and redesigned to make letter recognition very easy.
  • IS THERE A GUARANTEE? Yes. At Homework Help For Parents, we stand by our products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer support and we will fully refund your purchase. You can place your order with confidence. BONUS: Your purchase includes a bonus eBook . Written by a school teacher, the eBook contains educational games designed for both adult and child to play together. Simple and fun, the games will start the child learning their abc’s and phonics . The eBook is delivered via email after your purchase.

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The Gamer’s Pub – Episode 163: Back From Summer Break

Welcome to yet another amazing episode of The Gamers Pub with Steven Artlip (Steve519), and GUI J! Join us as we take you on an adventure full of Love, Beer, Games, and life lessons.

This weeks brews were: Fresh Squeezed IPA by Deschutes Brewery and WARLOCK (Blackwater Series) Imperial Stout by Southern Tier.

Next Weeks New Releases Are:
Aug 19: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, CounterSpy, Hotline Miami, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, The Last Tinker: City of Colors

What We’re Playing:
Steve: The Last of Us, Puzzle Craft, Banished, Destiny Beta
GUI J: The Last of Us

Our topics this week include: World of Warcraft loses 800k subscribers — down to 6.8 million total, its lowest since 2006, Tomb Raider: Rise of the Tomb Raider timed exclusive to Xbox, DayZ is coming to PS4, Upcoming PS4 System Update to v2.00 to Add Share Play, YouTube and More to Come, Sony sells 10 million PS4s in less than 9 months, Minecraft PS4 Edition Has Been Handed Over To Sony For Final Test, More social features, new ways to watch TV, and USB and DLNA Support Coming Soon, Silent Hill resurrected by Kojima and Del Toro with The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spiderman 2, The Expendables 3, Wilfred, and so much more!

We hope you guys enjoy the show, do us a favor and leave plenty of feedback, email us at and tell us what you thought, shoot us any questions, or just shoot the shit with us!

Now sit back and enjoy the show!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter at @TheGamersPub, like us over on Facebook, and tell your friends!

Subscribe to us on iTunes, and you can also stream our show for free to any smartphone via Stitcher Radio!

And this weeks song: Hear you Coming by Dirty Heads.

The video’s of our shows will only be online for a week, after that, they are gone forever so if you want to see the shows, you’re going to have to stay current. And the audio from each show will only be live for a month at a time. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause but we just felt it would be best for us and the shows to do things this way.

Special thanks this week goes out to @dpjohnson14, @GU1J and @Steve519 for being a part of the show this week. And if you would like to join us for an episode, we record each one LIVE every Tuesday at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific using Google+ and Google Hangouts. You can watch each show LIVE over at OR you can actually join us for a beer on the show with us. Just check P*N for the link as it will be there right before every live show.

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