Dasksha Chemistry Molecular Model Set your Molecular Model Kit has Perfect Atom and Bond Pieces For Students Teachers Beginners and Experts

The Dashka Chemistry molecular ball and stick model set is for every student, teacher, and organic / inorganic chemistry fanatic. There’s a huge problem schools are facing right now. There is an abundance of cheap models whose short, flimsy links and balls don’t stay in place and fail to conform to universal cpk standards, rendering your molecule structure useless and leaving children of all ages confused and frustrated. Educational classroom models that aren’t color-coded and durable lead to general confusion and failure to grasp concepts. Buying cheap models can cause your understanding of chemical compounds to suffer-and your science grade to suffer even more.

Cheap materials can make trying to easily assemble three-dimensional models of molecules and elements a complete nightmare!

But luckily for you, there’s now a solution to further your understanding of stereochemistry! Whether you’re a beginner in need of a starter kit to better understand fundamental organics and molecular structures, or a college student tackling ochem, the Dashka kit is the perfect functional tool to help you visualize three-dimensional atoms, bonds and compounds.

So, if you’re a student, teacher, or aspiring scientist, “Dashka Chemistry molecular model set” is the answer you’ve been looking for! Time’s running out to make all the three-dimensional models you can dream of and tackle stereochemistry head-on.

If you’re looking for science gifts for kids this holiday season and want to make this a very chemistry christmas, look no further! This Molecular Model Set is the perfect chemistry gift for boys and girls, order now!

Product Features

  • * GETS THE JOB DONE! The Dashka kit and box includes three-dimensional color-coded balls / orbitals in compliance with cpk standards contained in a convenient large box for easy transportation, complete with a link remover. This set provides you the ability to easily create and identify molecular structures in order to design the perfect model.
  • * HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Easy to use links make it easy to line up each bond (stick) and atom or atoms (via holes on the color coded balls), a skill you’ll be eager to demonstrate to Jane, Steve, and the rest of your society friends -or just get you through the next chem test.
  • * TRUSTED in Chem, O Chem and stereochemistry ! High quality and durable building materials help you construct virtually any atom bond, perfect for aspiring scientists who dream of working in chemical labs someday. This set will render you confident that your model will stay firmly in place, yet remain easy for students of all ages and teachers to manipulate.
  • * PRACTICAL! Plenty of carbon, hydrogen, and other essential atoms lets you create all the functional molecular structures you want – Fast! We even included three BONUS carbons to optimize learning, creativity, and practicality.
  • * AMAZING! Hands-on ! plenty of bonds (single and double) and groups of color-coded atoms, you can easily create all kinds of models (up to a dodecane!) and visualize your chemical compound within minutes

Molecular Model Kit – Premium Quality Set for Organic Chemistry – Color Coded Atom Collection – Science Kit


– Get hands on experience with our 123-piece kit and build molecular structures to enhance your learning today.

– Use it for a great way to learn by creating three-dimensional molecules to help you visualise organic chemistry!

– Students of all levels will find something of value in our kit!

– Each kit comes with 59 atoms that are color coded to universal standards. Also included are 62 links that you can use to create bonds.

– Built from durable plastic which will last the duration of your studies, we’ve even included a link removal tool to make it even easier for you to dissemble your structures and build new ones!

– Store the pieces in the slim line plastic storage container included compartmentalised to help you organize the pieces.

– Please note that this set only includes the pieces to create the molecule models and does not include educational documentation.

What’s in the Box?

• Carbon – Black (23)
• Hydrogen – White (20)
• Oxygen – Red (7)
• Chlorine – Green (6)
• Nitrogen – Blue (2)
• Sulfur – Yellow (1)
• Short Single Bonds (26)
• Medium Single Bonds (26)
• Long Double/Triple Bonds (10)
• Link Removal Tool (1)
• Storage Box (1)

– We stand behind the quality of our molecular model kit and if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we have a no hassle money back guarantee.


Product Features

  • MOLECULAR SCIENCE IN 3D: Enhance and facilitate your learning experience with this visual and hands-on experience for learning chemistry and molecular structures and differences between organic and inorganic
  • FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCE EDUCATIONAL LEARNING: Perfect for modeling simple and small to more complex and large chemical structures for schools and college level, students, researchers and enthusiasts
  • HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC ATOMS COLOR CODED TO UNIVERSAL STANDARDS: Atoms that are color coded to the CPK standard making it easier for you to distinguish between the different atoms; Atoms and bonds come with an elegant box with compartments for easy and convenient storage
  • QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY OF COMPLEX STRUCTURES: Atoms and bonds that are perfectly suited to being connected and disconnected easily without making your fingers hurt. We’ve also included a link remover to make the task of dissembling your molecular structures even simpler
  • ORDER TODAY RISK FREE: 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If you’re not completely satisfied we’ll offer you a full refund – no questions asked

Molecular Model Kit and Software – First of Its Kind Educational Molecule App Bundled with 59 Atom Chemistry Modeling Set – Classroom, Students, Laboratory, Scientists, & Home – 100% Fun Satisfaction!

The Moleculix Chemistry Bundle includes a traditional Ball and Stick Molecular modeling set as well as Moleculix Junior Lite – an intuitive and interactive software application that allows students to design and build 3D models of small molecules.

The box includes:
• 59 color-coded plastic atom parts
• 62 bonds
• Bond removal tool
• USB drive preloaded with Moleculix Junior Lite installer
• Quick Start Guide

The model set allows students to create molecules and learn basic concepts of molecular geometry. The atoms and bonds for assembling models are made from durable plastic and are color coded for ease of identification. Atom parts range from 17mm to 23mm in diameter and represent Carbon (black), Nitrogen (blue), Oxygen (red), Hydrogen (white), Sulfur (yellow), Halogen (green). The set comes with 26 medium length bonds, 10 flexible long bonds, 26 short bonds, and one bond remover tool. The kit comes in a clear plastic box with stackable grooves for ease of storage.

Moleculix Junior Lite is software designed for students 8 years and older. Moleculix Junior Lite is engaging, fun and interactive and allows students to create simple and complex molecules. The USB drive contains a setup program allowing installation on a PC without an internet connection.

Whether the student is a kinesthetic or visual learner, the Moleculix Molecule Model Kit and Software Bundle will allow all types of students to understand the principles of molecular geometry and can be used at home or in a classroom environment.

Product Features

  • MOLECULAR MODEL SET: 59 durable plastic atoms and 62 bonds provides hands on activity to visually demonstrate the basics of molecular geometry
  • INCLUDES MOLECULIX JUNIOR LITE: A PC based software application that allows students to design and build 3D molecules on a computer
  • INCLUDES ONE USB DRIVE with a Moleculix Junior Lite installation program. NO DOWNLOADING.
  • QUICK START GUIDE will have students designing molecules in minutes

Molecular Atom Model Set – Inorganic/Organic Model Kit – Science – Learning Science – Science Education – SAT Prep – Molecular Atom – Complete Kit – Atomic-O

Studying Organic Chemistry Is A lot More Fun With The Atomic-O Molecular Atom Model Set!

Are you a visual learner? Working with a model set will help you tremendously! It’ll be so much easier for you to learn and understand the wide range of organic structures such as alkanes, halogen compounds, amino acids, and the list goes on!

Perfect for instructors and undergraduate students studying organic chemistry!

Comes with 50 atom parts:

-12 Carbon (BLACK)

-20 Hydrogen (WHITE)

-6 Oxygen (RED)

-4 Nitrogen (BLUE)

-2 Sulfur (YELLOW)

-4 Halogen (GREEN)

-1 Phosphorus (PURPLE)

-1 Metal (SILVER)

-62 Links (26 medium, 12 long for multiple bonds, and 26 short to make compact models)

Warning: This is not for children under 3 years old. Model set contains small pieces (choking hazard).

Grab your Atomic-O Molecular Atom Model Set today because they’re selling out fast!

Simply Click “Add to Cart” To Help You Through Organic Chemistry!

Product Features

  • AFFORDABLE – Don’t waste all your money in the college bookstore. Here’s a deal that will help you save your cash!
  • LASTS FOREVER – This is a solid, durable molecule kit that is not made of some cheap plastic that’ll break on you.
  • VERY USEFUL – An extremely helpful model set for you to visualize sterics, conformations, lewis & resonance structures, etc.
  • EASY TO USE – The pieces are easy to assemble and the set comes with a tool to help you disassemble the pieces.
  • PERFECT SIZE – It comes with short, medium, and long-sized links so you can build multiple bonds or create compact models.

TOOPOOT(TM) New Organic Chemistry Scientific Atom Molecular Models Links Kit Set


100% brand new and high quality.


Material: plastic.

Color: show as picture.


Hydrogen(H) White 20pcs

Chlorine(Cl) Green 4pcs

Carbon(C) Black 12pcs

Oxygen(O) Red 6pcs

Sulfur(S) yellow 2pcs

Nitrogen(N) Sky Blue 4pcs

Metal Gray1pcs

Bonds quantity:75 pcs.


Net Weight: Approx 360g.

Easy and convenient to use.

Package Include:

1 x Organic Chemistry Atom Molecular Models.

Product Features

  • Hydrogen(H) White 20pcs
  • Nitrogen(N) Sky Blue 4pcs
  • Bonds quantity:75 pcs.
  • Net Weight: Approx 360g.
  • Easy and convenient to use.

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8x Real Steel Atom Midas Noisey Boy Zeus 13cm PVC Action Figure Set

8x Real Steel Atom Midas Noisey Boy Zeus 13cm PVC Action Figure Set

Product Features

  • This Item Ship from Hong Kong 8-15 Business day
  • Description : 8x Real Steel Zeus TWIN CITIES Atom Midas Noisey Boy 13cm PVC Action Figure Set
  • Condition : Brand New
  • Original place : China

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