Click N’ Play Non-toxic Foam Blocks, Building Block and Stacking Block, Amazing As Bath Toys, 60 Count with Carry Tote

Educational benefits- •Physical benefits: toy blocks build strength in a child’s fingers and hands, and improve eye-hand coordination. They also help educate children in different shapes. •Social benefits: block play encourages children to make friends and cooperate, and is often one of the first experiences a child has playing with others. Blocks are a benefit for the children because they encourage interaction and imagination. Creativity can be a combined action that is important for social play. •Intellectual benefits: children can potentially develop their vocabularies as they learn to describe sizes, shapes, and positions. Math skills are developed through the process of grouping, adding, and subtracting, particularly with standardized blocks, such as unit blocks. Experiences with gravity, balance, and geometry learned from toy blocks also provide intellectual stimulation. •Creative benefits: children receive creative stimulation by making their own designs with blocks.

Product Features

  • 60 piece set with a tote bag! Much safer and much more quiet than plastic or wooden blocks! 10 different shapes and sizes that comes in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple and pink.
  • Each piece is divided into two colors.
  • Passed children safety choke test. The soft texture of the blocks is designed for children with sensitive skin.
  • Made from non-recycled, non-toxic, light weight, durable, and high density EVA foam: durable, hard to peel off, safe, with bold colors! Conforms to all US safety standards and regulations. Test reports upon request.
  • The blocks are also waterproof and can be used during bath time.

Tomopop editor misses start of Matty Collector’s amazing 7 Days of Cyber Monday Sale

A thousand and one ARRRRGGGHHS! Matty Collector’s 7 Days of Cyber Monday Sale opened to the general public (ie, us plebs who didn’t buy a sub) at noon today and, despite remembering it all morning prior to the sale, I wound up not checking it until around 12:40. The result? I missed out out on some incredible figures at amazing prices.

The still on-going sale features steep discounts to last year’s Club Infinite Earths figures (we’re talking DC Universe figures at US$6 apiece!!!) and the Watchmen figures (US$15, down from US$25) as well as a modest 20% discount to the older MOTUCs (bringing them down to non-inflated prices). Oh, plus the new over-sized Doomsday Unleashed is on sale for US$40. His companion, the containment suit version (previously on sale at SDCC), apparently sold out during Early Access.

So, what was sold out by the time I got there? Larfleeze. Ras Al Ghul. Elasti-Girl. LEAD! John Constantine (By the way, have you seen the show Constantine yet? It’s pretty awesome, like Doctor Who x Supernatural). Red Hood. All of which were available for US$6 (except the oversized Elasti-Girl and Lead who were US$9 which is still an incredible deal).

Sure, I still managed to grab the Doomsday Unleashed and a bunch of the discounted DCUs as well as a few choice MOTUCs (at long last my He-Man collection will finally include a He-Man), but I hate missing out on those US$9 over-sized DCUs because that’s a mind-bogglingly low price for two of the coolest over-sized selections (no disrespect to Bane and Darkseid). Plus Larfleeze? I can’t believe I missed out on McGreedy.

Of course, the more recent items weren’t on sale at all. I wound up just buying Intergalactic Skeletor because, with the FREE SHIPPING (on orders of over US$99), it beat having to keep looking on the aftermarket for a great deal (although I fully expect that I would have had an opportunity to get him cheaper by this time next year). And, of course, Castle Grayskull wasn’t marked down at all. Perhaps I should be grateful for that? After all, I might not be able to resist the gigantic playset if it was on sale for less than US$200.

Does anything stroke your fancy?

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Tomopop Review: DST’s Marvel Select Amazing Spidey 2 Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the somewhat lukewarm follow-up to Sony’s Spider-Man reboot. The film notably improved on Spider-Man’s costume, giving movie-goers something closer to what they were used to, while jumping all over the board with everything else.

Merchandise-wise, however, collector-level offerings were surprisingly scarce. Sure, a few figures popped up in the overly expensive 1/6-scale but, for the most part, the line just didn’t get the same big movie treatment as the original trilogy.

Diamond Select Toys, which was unable to get the reference materials to design an Electro figure, wound up releasing a new Spider-Man (based on the ASM2 look) in several different configurations. (Although there was no metallic version like last time.) While the Marvel Select ASM1 Spider-Man was pretty cool, DST apparently decided to go in a very different direction with the “sequel” to its figure. How does it stack up against the previous one?

Full review after the jump.

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The Amazing Comic Book Graphic Art of Jerry Bennett! #Batman #Joker

I recently went to an awesome Comic Book Convention here where I live, in Oklahoma, where I got to see the wonderful artwork of an Artist named Jerry Bennett. He’s a very popular local artist and it was fun to see his art in-person. I mean, I have seen it many times online, but the photos just don’t do it justice.

Jerry does freelance work for an Indy Comic Book and Graphic Novel Publishing Company called ENIGMA ENDEAVORS. There, he teams-up with a Writer named Jackson Compton and they have created a line of books titled, NADIR’S ZENITH.

Nadir’s Zenith is a compelling Science Fiction-type story where you, the reader, get to follow the adventures of Captain John Nadir, Space Marshal of the Intergalactic Peace Corps (IPC)! Yes, Nadir’s Zenith is Space Opera 100 years in the making. 

Right now they are working on issue number 4 and the first three issues have done really well. Speaking of Issue number 4, they have started a KICKSTARTER page where you can donate and help them get this book completed, plus you can also receive some exclusive material.

You can purchase these books online in a Digital Format (for Kindle, Apple iPad, Smart Phones and more) at COMIXOLOGY and INDY PLANET. But I prefer actual printed paper books and you can get them at Indy Planet as well. Here’s a link for the REAL BOOKS.

OK, Jerry also sells Art Prints of his favorite TV/Comic/Movie characters. The 2 images at the very top of this post show some of his BATMAN and JOKER ones he has done. These prints measure 11″ X 17″ and are very high quality. He sells them for $16.00 each and that price includes shipping! The cool thing is that you can order them online, which is perfect for people who don’t live near here. For orders outside the USA you’ll need to contact him for a special price.

You can get these BATMAN and JOKER Art Prints by contacting him directly at his personal e-mail address: 

One last thing, if you are a Facebook member then please be sure to visit their Official NADIR’S ZENITH page and/or the ENIGMA ENDEAVORS page. Jerry Bennett is also on TWITTER.


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Check out this amazing set of Life-Size BATMAN LEGO ART Sculptures that represent Batman, Robin, and the Joker! Now, because I’m an Idiot I forgot to write down who sent me these pics AND where this event was. I think it was in Canada?? 

Sorry Dude, I always try to thank people personally & also give credit. It’s just that I checked my email at 3:00 in the morning and was too tired (or lazy maybe?) to write the info down. But, I deeply appreciate you sending the pics and these sculptures are GREAT!

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Bandai Hobby #16 HGBF 1/144 Gundam Amazing Exia “Gundam Build Fighters” Model Kit

The heroic counterpart to the Exira Dark Matter, its colors and styling have been changed to a more heroic white and blue with clean edges. New Amazing GN shield weapon is included along with Exira’s iconic swivel GN Sword.

Product Features

  • No glue required for assembly, a hobby nipper is required to remove parts from runners
  • Colored plastic, little to no paint required to replicate appearance
  • Runner x 11, Foil Sticker x1, Instruction manual x1
  • Product bears official Bluefin Distribution logo ensuring purchaser is receiving authentic licensed item from approved U.S. retailer
  • Bluefin Distribution products are tested and comply with all U.S. consumer product safety regulations and are eligible for consumer support

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