ALEX Toys Big Stack Cardboard Blocks

ALEX Toys Big Stack Cardboard Blocks is the perfect toy to build it BIG! Let your child build away with the 40 light-in-weight, yet sturdy blocks included in this set. You can even stand on them; they hold up to 120 pounds. The blocks are printed with different patterns on each side so you can design different looks. This block set includes 24 small (6in. x 3in. x 3in.), 8 medium (6in. x 6in. x3in.) and 8 large (3in. x 6in. x 12in.) cardboard blocks. Adult assembly is required to fold the cardboard into blocks. Recommended for children 3 years of age and older.

Product Features

  • 40 gigantic cardboard blocks
  • Holds up to 120 pounds, safe enough for most kids to stand on
  • Printed with different patterns on each side so you can design different looks
  • Includes 24 small, 8 medium and 8 large cardboard boxes
  • Recommended for children 3 years of age and older


BIFF!! One of my favorite things about doing the BAT-BLOG is getting the chance to meet Batman Fans from all over the world. Here’s a great example! Check out our friend, Alex O’Connell!

Alex is from Australia and in that country they have a HUGE Comic Convention called SUPANOVA! 

Recently, Alex played a big part in a Special ’66 Batman Cosplay Group and, as you can tell from the photos, he cosplayed as the JOKER! Yes, Cesar Romero Style!! Check it out!

His costume and make-up are dead-on! Plus, if you look real close, I think he even has the painted-over mustache, ha! This must have been a really fun time, the costumes look so great! 

Thank you Alex for sharing your wonderful photos. Sorry it took me so long to get them posted.

ALEX Toys Spy Scope

ALEX Toys Spy Scope is a cool under cover spy gadget that has specially designed lenses that allow you to see around almost anything. The top of the scope extends to a full 14 inches tall so you can hide behind a chair, door or other object and see what’s happening on the other side! An essential piece of spy equipment for any detective who wants to go under cover. Recommended for children 5 years of age and older.What is it about spying on others that intrigues kids? Whatever it is, most kids go through a secret-agent phase, when the idea of becoming a spy or an FBI agent seems like the only possible career path. With this handy-dandy Spy Scope, junior detectives can peek around corners, over a fence, or out a window. The scope is made of hard purple plastic with red accents, and it can extend from 10 to 14 inches in height. The Spy Scope works just like a periscope on a submarine, by the use of angled mirrors inside the extendable tube. So, up periscope, junior detectives! It’s a big world out there, and it’s even more interesting when you can check out the action without being seen. –Marcie Bovetz

Product Features

  • See over, under, or around any object
  • Spy scope can extend to be 14 inches long
  • Durable plastic is sturdy and will stand up to even the wildest spy adventures
  • Includes a portable periscope
  • Recommended for children 5 years of age and older

ALEX Toys – Bathtime Fun, Magnetic Boats In The Tub (3), 823W

3 soft vinyl boats have magnetic connectors to link together. Includes tugboat, fishing boat and speedboat.

Product Features

  • 3 soft vinyl boats have magnetic connectors to link together
  • Includes tugboat, fishing boat and speedboat
  • Great bath time fun
  • Recommended for age 2 and up

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Alex Solis’ "The Chunky Knight" by Mighty Jaxx at #STGCC2014 & Pending Online Sale This Weekend

Chunky Knight by illustrator Alex Solis x Mighty Jaxx made their debut at the past weekend’s STGCC2014, in a glossy all-black edition. And while I’ve not had the pleasure to meet the artist himself, folk say he is a nice man and that’s alright with me hahaha”In an edition of 100pcs, this character design parodies the infamous “Dark Knight” detective (who doesn’t love a chubby-Batman? LOL), and

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Mighty Jaxx x Alex Solis – Chunky Knight at STGCC (9.6-9.7)

Illustrator Alex Solis reimagines Super Heroes and iconic cartoon characters after they’ve consumed waaay more junk food than even their supernatural bodies can handle. Now his ‘Chunky’ series of paintings goes 3D with the upcoming release of the Chunky Knight resin from Mighty Jaxx. The Chunky Crusader will be unleashed…

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BlackBook Toy x Frank Kozik Lil Alex Supervillain Edition at Art Toy Culture

BlackBook Toy is keeping very busy with Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot series. Hot on the heels of the debut edition of the new Dim figure (bear head), comes word of a murderous Lil Alex Super Villain edition. Limited to 50 pieces, the 11.25” figure will debut at Art Toy…

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ALEX® Toys – Alex Jr. Wooden Whimsy Blocks -Baby Wooden Developmental Toy 1979

Alex Jr. Mix ‘N Max Wooden Whimsy Blocks Baby Toy

Exercise young imaginations and develop fine motor skills with the Alex Jr. Wooden Whimsy Blocks Baby Toy. The set of 15 wooden blocks features a variety of patterns and colors, designed so children can build different people and places out of the same set of blocks. The blocks’ unusual shapes supply toddlers with a wide set of textures and structures to inspire their creativity and build new skills.

Alex Logo Alex Jr. Wooden Whimsy Blocks Baby Toy Ages: 10 months and up Requires: Ready to play At a Glance: Zany, colorful designs provide visual stimulation An array of shapes encourages tactile stimulation and shape exploration Sound construction helps in developing a sense of structure and space Alex Jr. Wooden Whimsy Blocks Baby Toy Product Shot Vibrant blocks provide visual stimulation for young children and help develop fine motor skills. View larger. Alex Jr. Wooden Whimsy Blocks Baby Toy Product Shot Designed with a variety of patterns and colors. View larger. Whimsical Shapes and Patterns Inspire Creativity

Each of the Wooden Whimsy Blocks features zany decal designs on two sides, while the remaining sides are painted solid, vibrant colors. These varied designs provide visual stimulation for young children, inspiring them to create different pattern pairings that match or complement one another.

The array of block shapes also provides tactile stimulation, allowing children to master fine motor skills as they explore different shape structures. Some shapes also have cutouts that fit inside each other, encouraging curiosity about potential shape combinations.

Sturdy Construction Encourages Experimentation

Even with their unusual shapes, these blocks have a sturdy, balanced construction. This dependable structure facilitates experimentation with the different shapes, allowing children to develop a sense of how certain shapes fit with others.

Our testers appreciated the sound construction, but did notice that a few of the decals on the blocks were beginning to flake around the edges. This didn’t cause any unsightly peeling at the time of testing, though it could be an issue after a few months of well-loved play.

What’s in the Box

15 Wooden Whimsy Blocks.

Product Features

  • Part of the new Mix and Max themed toys
  • 15 wooden blocks with unique shapes
  • Different shapes and patterns on each side for whimsical fun
  • Make different characters with face and arm blocks
  • Helps develop eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, and more

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