About Telltale’s Guardians Of The Galaxy

We’ve heard a near ungodly amount of news regarding the impending Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. There are like a dozen post-credits scenes and writer/director James Gunn will continue for another 20 sequels. Or something. But what about Telltale’s take on the franchise. What about Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series?

Upfront, it sounds like the perfect marriage betwixt material and developer. These interstellar misfits were made for episodic content, freely flowing between sitcom-style predicaments and action-oriented cliffhangers. And with the guiding hand of a seasoned storyteller like Telltale, we can expect some rock solid drama to boot.

And it gets there. Sort of. The biggest problem it has is a lack of confidence. It doesn’t really know if it wants to be its own thing or something closer to the MCU version or a more strict interpretation of the comics. That identity crisis creates an often shaky and only occasionally intriguing story.

Technically, it should be based on the comic series, but there are distinct elements that muddle the delineation between that foundation and the movies. Characters look far closer to their Hollywood counterparts than those of the page, for instance. (Star-Lord is an especially noteworthy departure.) And the deeply infused musical schtick of being named after a Bob Dylan song and featuring silly moments to the tune of The Buzzcocks and Hall & Oates.

Given the massive success of the film, it’s not all that surprising that these inspired bits work the best. Running up a close second, however, is when the game chooses to eschew the silver screen entirely and do something different. Throwing Thanos (yes, the Big Bad of the entire MCU) immediately at the gang and making him, more or less, the genesis of the broader story is attention-grabbing and fantastic.

It puts upfront the drama that unfolds by putting this group of loosely tethered semi-heroes together. Each one has individual gripes, and those laundry lists of personal grievances shift into an albatross around each person’s neck. This is where the episode really shines in terms of storytelling. It lays out separate stakes and motivations naturally and clearly, propping up the rest of the season as well as this diminutive arc.

Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

The problem is it is an interminable slog to get there. Walking between crew members just to initiate conversations is exhausting, let alone the entire preamble where a protracted investigation and exciting-turned-tepid showdown feel perfunctory—strangely punitive at times, in fact. It’s something Telltale has struggled with for almost its entire existence. When does its desire to make games get in the way of telling a story?

This is especially true of those classic Telltale moments when you see that someone will remember that. There’s a moment when you have to choose between two bickering teammates, but the choice doesn’t make a lot of sense. Any reasonable person would see that addressing either individual would be a losing proposition. It feels forced in a way that is entirely unpleasant.

And that’s a serious shame because there’s a lot of meat on these bones. These characters are way different from their innately charming MCU iterations, but Telltale found a way to make them relatable and likable quickly and effectively. And seeing their threads pull away from each other is almost inexplicably heartbreaking, pushing the momentum forward into the next episode. Whether or not that carries into the rest of the season, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Do You Know About Yin Yang Tattoo Ideas?

Yin yang tattoo ideas have popularity that transcends all boundaries. This is an oriental symbol, but also the West has adopted it. In this design we look at the balance, but also the unity between two different but complementary. Yin and Yang tattoos are very popular, so today we decided to showcase the amazing tattoos in this theme. The resulting combination of Yin and Yang is the first we have the feminine, while the latter is masculine. The two forces united. In general, we find symbols in black and white, but is also common in black and red. Yin white but has a black dot, while the black ones but with white dots. The truth is that both have the same size.

Yin yang tattoo ideas are very popular with young men Asia. Ying and Yang is one of the meanings have more impact on Chinese society. They are very important, comparing, for example, the Dragon or Phoenix. Also known as Yin Yang tattoo, see Yang and Yin of creation and destruction. Here are opposite but complementary search. One is that there is another, if the other does not exist, there would be no.

But it’s not just in Chinese culture in which Yin and Yang are present. There are many cultures that share the facts end and the opposing forces fought. This is a very interesting way of thinking. Balance is everything. That’s what I usually look for in a tattoo of this kind, we show that equilibrium, or at least what we were looking for. Harmony, unity, all the concepts of Yin Yang covers. It is important to understand, in the Yin Yang, which shows us that no matter where there are, for example the differences between people, there are always going to be able to grow, to work together, seeking a balance that gets things working.

But in addition to all that is written, we can bring it up a few other items when we talk about yin yang tattoo ideas. It is a symbol that appears with qualities such as slow, moisture, softness, but the speed, aggression, strength. There are many qualities to consider, it’s just a matter of holding on to those whom we consider our own people, or the quality of what we want to show to others who will see our tattoo permanently. Well, the latter depends on where we choose to put ourselves tattoos.

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Tomopop About Town: MCM Comic Con London 2014

As I covered last time I was at the show, when it comes to anime, manga, sc-fi, fantasy and just general geek gatherings in the UK, there’s no event bigger than the twice-yearly MCM Comic Con in London. Though the con scene has improved over the past few years, nothing can match this mighty event in the capital. Drawing over 110,000 people across three days last month, I popped along again to see what was on offer for toy and figure fans.

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About That INSTINCTOY-Exclusive Edition "Negative Never Again" from Yosuke Ueno x Mighty Jaxx

It was only just earlier today I featured the All-Black Edition of Yosuke Ueno’s Negative Never Again figure from Mighty Jaxx, than INSTINCTOY reveals their EXCLUSIVE limited edition colorway, which will be on display at their booth in this weekend’s Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014)!

No product or availability details revealed as yet, so no stress, just enjoy the collectible in

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About That 4-color Risograph Print by Ratking for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con 2014

From Anthea Tan AKA Ratking comes this teaser of a delightfully “yoke”-fueled characters getting high and generally having fun (surely not a “parallel scene” to the toy con? LOL), with “a handful” of this 4-color risograph print (made by the folks at @knucklesandnotch) to be made available at his weekend’s Singapore Toy Games & Comic Con (Sept 6-7, 2014) via Booth AA90 in Artist Alley (where PBK

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SDCC 2014: J*RYU talks about the Hatchling

At the end of last year, the Tomopop editors voted VampyBitMe and J*RYU‘s Hatchling as best designer figure of 2013. No surprise, as it still is an amazing work of art that just about any game would love to have on their shelf, table, desk, etc.

Walking around on the San Diego Comic Con floor, we happened to bump into J*RYU and got a chance to ask him a couple of questions about his winning figures, as well as the mini-Hatchlings he had on hand for purchase.

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Ladies Tattoo Ideas About Fantasy Creatures

This time I will give ladies tattoo ideas, which certainly favored by many women.  Many women like something that related with fantasy.  Fantasy here will not only be a fantasy, but we could realize in an art, ie tattoos are placed on the skin. Associated with the fantasy is goblins, fairies, witches, etc, they are things that we often see in movies. Usually women who use this design are a young woman. They like things that are a fantasy or a miracle like they see on television. Therefore, to express joy in it, a lot of women who began using the designs contained in a movie.

What are ladies tattoo ideas related to fantasy:

The first is the fairy tattoos. Who does not know about fairies? Fairy is a small creature that has magical powers. Fairy are usually found in children’s fairy tale, fairy tale is a story that can produce an imagination, and shape of the fairy depending on the form of imagination. So when we are adults, we still remember how the shape of a fairy who we ever imagined as a child when hearing a fairy tale. Tattoo designs often use a dark or black ink. That’s because this tattoo design does not look simple or complicated. When women choose to use fairy tattoo designs, women often add some elements in it, such as flowers, butterflies, stars, and moon.

Next is an elf tattoo design. Elf is a small creature that has large or pointy ears. It may take a look at some of the children’s fairy tale or a fantasy movie. In a fairy tale, elf form itself depends on the heart of the elves. If the elves have a good heart, the elves have a form that sweet and cute, but, if the elves have a bad heart, the tattoo designs that depicts the elf elves evil with such daunting. Therefore, this tattoo designs depending on what is selected or favored by women. From the two designs above fantasy creatures, whether one is your choice? That bit about the ladies tattoo ideas that unique and unusual.

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