Mechanical Plush Riding Brown Horse Toy – Ride on Bounce up and Down and Move, Medium

Our Plush Walking Animals put your little one in the saddle on an endless road to adventure. With your child in the saddle, operating and steering, our animals will actually move forward while your child is on their back! These animals offer fun play that is both imaginative and physical, helping develop both coordination and creative play. Much like an oversized beloved stuffed animal, with their plush bodies, playful tails and friendly eyes. Beneath their soft fur is a hard, sturdy body that’s heavy enough to support the maximum weight. They wear a permanent saddle and metal footrests with rubber grips for extra security are attached to the animal’s body with a heavy-duty permanent metal bar. This very special toy is definitely built to last and will be handed down from one generation to the next. Grip handles are located at the base of the animal’s head; its’ four hooves are fitted with hidden wheels. Our plush Walking Animals are perfect for active play both indoors and out. Designed for children ages 2 to 110. Recommended maximum weight is 120 lbs.25″L x 8″W x 38″H

Product Features

  • Realistic horse-like features
  • As you bounce up and down, your pony’s legs move and you really go for a ride
  • Makes physical activity fun – kids exercise while having a great time!
  • For ages 2-10 years old
  • Integrated footrest

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