KASOTEK RC Flight/Simulated And Flashing Lights LED Lighting System For RC Aircrafts And Helicopters


1.Input voltage:4.8V-6.0V

2.Working current:100mA

3.LED wire length:800mm

4.AUX cable length:300mm

Package Includes:

1.5mm white light* 5pcs,5mm green light*1pc,5mm red light* 2pcs

2. AUX cable * 1pc.

3.Control box* 1pc.

4.Operating manual * 1pc.

5.Accessories bag * 1pc.

Units Comes With Plastic Rubber Bag,rather than Box

Product Features

  • Designed according to aircraft nagvigation lights standard,make your aircraft more realistic and shine
  • Available Eight Lighting Group Interfaces:anti-collision red beacon, strobe white lights, navigation lights(left side is red, right side in green),landing lights
  • Eight operating modes,which can be connected to any switched channel on transmitter for mode conversion.
  • Easy control and use
  • 8 Operating Modes

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