Cox Hobbies Sky Ranger EP RTF Park Flyer

Great Planes Cox Sky Ranger
Ready-to-Fly Electric R/C Trainer Park-Flyer
This is a Great Planes Cox Sky Ranger Ready-to-Fly Electric R/C Trainer Park-Flyer. The Sky Ranger is the first Cox RTF in over 30 years – and the most advanced airplane that Cox has ever offered. It includes a 2.4GHz radio system with dual rates for years of trouble-free flying and it’s so complete that there’s absolutely nothing left to buy. A FlightFlex airframe and the exclusive SafeProp system offer double the protection against damage, making the Sky Ranger so strong and durable that it’s virtually unbreakable! It’s a great deal for your flying dollar and a perfect pick for flying at the field with friends or practicing skills in your own backyard.
Ready-to-Fly When You Are:
Cox RTFs are the closest thing to true “buy and fly” R/C you can find. Assembly takes a screwdriver and less than 5 minutes. And once you insert “AA” cells in the radio and charge the flight pack, there’s nothing between you and the sky except a takeoff! There’s literally nothing left to buy. Everything you need (even the screwdriver! is in the box. There’s a radio and “AA” batteries. A charger and a rechargeable flight battery good for up to 10 minutes of flying time. And a plane that arrives with a motor, speed control and radio gear already installed.
Fly Alone…or with Friends:
One of the big pluses a Cox RTF offers is confidence, and a state-of-the-art 2.4GHz radio system plays a big part in providing it. Signals from other radios can’t affect it  and nothing can touch it for dependable, trouble-free operation. You can fly alone or with friends, without waiting or interference worries. It’s a full, 4-channel system like most R/C airplane radios, with this big plus: dual rates. The “New Pilot” setting offers you more reaction time and gentler handling – perfect for practicing basic flying skills. And once you’

Product Features

  • FEATURES: Construction: Foam, Flight Flex flexes on impact to help absorb crash energy and protect the electronics inside
  • INCLUDES: Cox Sky Ranger Park Flyer with 2.4GHz Radio System, LiPo Battery, Charger with AC Power Supply, two props, four AA batteries

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