CMS Magnetics Magnetic Levitating Desk Toy – Levitation Magnet

This magnetic levitation Desk toy makes for a great gift to amaze people with the power of magnets. Being held in place only through an extremely small point of contact, the only thing that will slow this spinner down is the air which means that this toy spins for up to 3 minutes just with one spin! No batteries are required for this toy, unlike other levitating desk toys that require active stabilizers to achieve the levitation effect which means that there are no electronic parts to fail.

Note: If you are having difficulty in achieving the levitation effect, slightly tilt the end of the base with the plastic plate downward and then gently place the spinner onto the base. Once the spinner is still, spin it and then gently place the base down on a flat surface.

Product Features

  • See the capabilities of magnetics with this levitating desk toy that will amaze and wow all who see it.
  • With only a small point of contact, this levitating toy can spin for up to minutes without stopping.
  • Multicolored plastic body makes the rotational speed much more visible.
  • Makes for an interesting and memorable gift for anyone.