Takara TOMY Next Generations Selects Mystery Figure TBA – Can You Guess Who?

After about a year, Takara TOMY are teasing their next Generations Selects figure that is to be revealed on April 2nd. Fans are speculating this could be Megatron based on the shape of the head. Some are predicting it is the Super Megatron character from the 1991 TV magazine feature. This is a long shot as they figure will almost sure be based on an existing mold.

Galerie F Exclusive Charlie the Angry Elephant ‘Pink Camo’ by AngelOnce x UVD Toys

Apparently, the Pink Camo of Chicago-based Galerie F’s Exclusive Charlie the Angry Elephant vinyl art toy from LA street artist Angelonce x UVD Toys is quite effective. So much so that we missed the initial incognito December drop. Not only does this edition feature a well-executed camo design, it blends its elusive edge with the character’s signature pink hue.

In addition to the fun design, Galerie F’s Exclusive Charlie the Angry Elephant ‘Pink Camo’ Edition (4″) is currently available at 50% off or just $25 from their web shop.

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Top Ten Blogposts Of All Time on TOYSREVIL (2005-2020)

Being very intrigued about the past weekend’s bloghits hitting the highest they have been on TOYSREVIL (*They have been surpassed on Tuesday, as I prepare this post, actually :p), I’d thought to check out and share the ALL TIME TOP TEN blog-features on TOYSREVIL, as recorded on Blogger-stats! And this’ll be a perfect #throwbackthursday-post too, so…

And while the TOYSREVIL just celebrated

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has new summons, including the always lovable Cactuar

We all know the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be a bit different. We’ve seen new faces, remixed faces, and Midgar as a whole is going to feel a lot bigger.

While we’ve already seen some of those changes in the form of the summons shown off so far, Final Fantasy VII Remake is adding a few completely new ones into the mix on top of the Chocobo Chick: Carbuncle (who shields the party) and Cactuar (who fires off its signature 1000 Needles attack). Shown by way of the game’s official Twitter account, you can see all three of them in action. But there’s a catch.

Chocobo Chick is a pre-order bonus for everyone, Carbuncle is a First Class/Digital Deluxe exclusive, and Cactuar is a Digital Deluxe/physical exclusive. While Cactuars started off as regular old enemies they eventually evolved to a new plane of existence entirely, becoming a mascot of sorts for the series. Carbuncle has also shot up in cachet in recent years, having hosted a big-deal Final Fantasy XV demo.

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Batman Resin Art Toy by Whereschappell

UK artist Whereschappell returns with a second take on Batman. The new version comes more than three years after his original 2016 take on the Dark Knight. While both versions feature gritty versions of the iconic character, the 2020 version features a darker, bolder and more powerful rendition from the physique to his suit including the cowl and utility belt.

Whereschappell will offer his new Batman resin art toy (9.25″)  in five variants (Black/Grey, Blue/Grey, Black/Black, Dark Grey/Khaki, and Dark Blue/Grey). While the release date hasn’t been announced, we do know the new editions will be £89.99 each ($118) from Mahalo Cabin and will ship at the end of May.

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Hot Toys Batman: Arkham Knight video game 1/6th scale Batman Beyond Collectible Figure

In the popular animation series Batman: Beyond, Terry McGinnis becomes the Caped Crusader in a futuristic Gotham City as Bruce Wayne has retired from crime fighting. Under Bruce’s guidance and training, the technologically-inclined Batsuit provides Terry the strength and skills needed to handle the challenge he faces as the Batman of the future!

Today, Hot Toys is thrilled to unveil the latest 1/6th scale collectible figure of the stylish Batman Beyond suit based on the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Knight video game which has taken inspiration from the great animation series.

The figure is masterfully crafted based on the Batman Beyond suit from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game, featuring a newly painted masked head sculpt with two interchangeable lower faces, a cutting-edge Batsuit overall appearance in metallic grey with battle damage and a bright red bat symbol on chest, a finely tailored black batcape to create dynamic flying poses, an array of detailed Batman’s signature gadgets including Batman Beyond style Batarang, grapnel, disruptor, REC gun, freeze grenade and many more!

Hot Toys VGM39 1/6th scale Batman Beyond Collectible Figure’s special features: Authentic and detailed likeness of Batman wearing Batman Beyond Batsuit in Batman: Arkham Knight video game | Batman head with patented Interchangeable Faces Technique (IFT) and two (2) interchangeable black colored lower part of faces capturing Batman’s facial expressions (masked and neutral) | Approximately 33cm tall (Approximately 35cm tall measuring to tips of cowl) Specialized muscular body with over 30 points of articulations | Eight (8) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including: pair of fists, pair of relax hands, pair of hands for holding Batarang, pair of hands for holding weapons or accessories

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Costume: wonderfully crafted multi-layer and multi-texture Batsuit with a metallic red colored Batman logo on the chest armor as well as metallic grey colored armor plating and battle damage throughout the body | black colored batcape (with bendable wire) | utility belt | black gauntlets | black boots

Weapons and Gadgets: Two (2) Batarangs, Batman Beyond style Batarang, grapnel gun with interchangeable Batclaw and interchangeable part to become a remote electrical charge gun, explosive gel, disruptor gun, pistol, freeze grenade, line launcher

Accessories: Specially designed dynamic figure stand with game logo

Release date: Approximately Q4, 2020 – Q1, 2021

ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx Alice in Wasteland (10.19)

LA street artist ABCNT has once again teamed up with Mighty Jaxx to create an art of of his Alice in Wasteland imagery.  A long way from the fantastic sights of Wonderland, Alice is left to try and sort out the literal mess she finds herself in, with little more than a face mask and duster.  The diorama style toy features Alice seated on a pile of all-too-realistic trash.  Alice in Wasteland will be available for pre-order this Saturday (10.19) at 8 AM PDT from the Mighty Jaxx shop.  This is the artist’s second art toy with Mighty Jaxx, following 2017’s Bitchy Rich.

If you act quickly, there’s still time to pick up the Alice in Wasteland print from Silent Stage (18×24″, $124.99).


3D Technology Toy-Making Talk & Showcase by Mighty Jaxx at Library@Habourfront (Jan 11/2020)

Over the past Saturday, I had a a chance to attend a talk from Mighty Jaxx, which showcased their 3D Technology employed in making toys (Thanks for the headsup @jessica_emmett), and came away with a series of snaps to share (*Yes, I did ask if it was okay to be shared in public) of what they are on the screen, AND the display they had, showcasing Quiccs’ MERTEQ!

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Kidrobot DesignerCon Exclusives Pre-Order (10.16 – 10.18)

Kidrobot has lined up arguably their strongest DesignerCon releases to-date.  Their four DCon exclusives include three special edition Dunnys and a brand-new Hello Kitty art toy from Candie Bolton.  Speaking of Dunnys, KR will have the La Flame 8″ Dunny Ice Edition from Junko Mizuno (250 pcs, $100), the Santa Muerte 8″ Dunny Prosperity Edition (70 pcs, $100) by Stephanie Buscema, and the Spiritus Dea: Bastet 3″ Dunny DCon edition from Candie Bolton.

While we love ourselves some Dunnys, the highlight of Kidrobot’s DCon exclusives just might be the new Hello Kitty 9″ art figure Blush Edition (250 pieces, $75) designed by Candie Bolton. Holding a cluster of golden Kitty ballons, the figure features an adolescent Hello Kitty, bright and colorful but dealing with the shyness and uncertainty that comes with growing up. From the youthful outfit to her downward gaze and inward feet, Bolton’s Hello Kitty endears with her awkward in-between state: part child, part future adult. She also reminds us that becoming an adult doesn’t require parting with dreams, imagination and play.  All of us can relate to this most human Kitty.

As is their tradition, Kidrobot will offer their DCon exclusives via an online pre-order starting on Wednesday (10.16) and running thru Friday (10.18) with limited daily quantities of all four toys. Limited quantities of each figure will be available at DesignerCon (12.22 – 12.24) from the KR Booth [#2210].


What should you Surprise Trade in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Put good Pokémon in, get good Pokémon out – yeah, right. That’s not quite how things tend to go with the Surprise Trade feature in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but hey, at some of us are out here trying.

Several years ago, I decided to Wonder Trade all of my best Pokémon away. I regret nothing.

Much more recently, I beat Pokémon Sword‘s story. Instead of doing whatever it is a good battle-hardened trainer is supposed to do in the post-game (the Battle Tower?), I’ve come up with a different goal – a friendlier goal. One that involves lots and lots of repetitive yet soothing gameplay.

That’s right: I’m trading the night away. And you can too! (Just get the Catching Charm first.)

Early into my adventure, I lucked into getting Grookey and Scorbunny, the two starter Pokémon I didn’t choose, and Galarian Ponyta, a Shield exclusive I can’t catch as a Sword player. I mean, I also got a buncha useless filler – Skwovet, Rookidee, and more Skwovet – but still! Someone cared.

Now that I’ve seen the credits and gotten my fill of monster hoarding, it’s time to pay it back. If you go into Surprise Trades with no expectation that karma will shine down on you, you’ll have a significantly better time. Just imagine the look on a stranger’s face when they pull a Dragapult from the void.

So, which Pokémon should you catch and give out in Surprise Trades? Here are some ideas.

If you need a refresher, all of those links point to pages with locations and appearance rates.

Some traders are holding off until Christmas to go wild, but why make the kids wait?