Cards Against Star Wars – The Greatest Game in The Galaxy Period

The best and greatest unofficial expansion to date.
Don’t miss out on being the first to get your hands on this rare and hilarious game.
Combining everything you love about the game and franchise.
You will not believe how filthy and inappropriate this game is.
It has every character from Episode 1 through to 7 and all the stuff in between.
And they are doing the and saying the most horrendous things to each other.

Cards Against Starr Wars Contents: 750 cards – 250 white and 500 black.
Players: 4-20 people
Time: 30-90 mins
Ages: 17 years and up

Product Features

  • Package Includes:750 cards – 250 white and 500 black.
  • Players:4-20 people ;Time:30-90 mins
  • Age: 17+ only. be ready to get asked some awkward questions
  • Cards Against Starr Wars is the unofficial Starr Wars version of the Cards Against Hu** card game.Can be played as an expansion or stand alone for the serious fans.
  • Featuring characters from all the Starr Wars movies and classic scenes and some that may or may not have happened off camera.