6V Kids Power Wheels Universal Charger Hello Kitty SUV Mercedes BMW Audi Children Electric Ride On Car Battery Supply by Power Adapter with Charging Indicator Light

・Reusable and fast charger
・Can be used to charge 12V kids power wheels

Product Specifications:
➤Output: 6V 0.5A 12W

Compatible Model: Special Ride On Car

Package Contents:

✓100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:90 Days for a No-Question-Asked Refund,1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Support Guarantee. Warm tips:
▲Before you buy this product, be sure to check your car works normally.
▲Warranty only applies to the items sold by Thomas Fly. Be aware of counterfeits.

Product Features

  • SHENGLE ELECTRONIC 6V Ride On Universal Charger
  • MODEL: SL06-07-10 ; INPUT: AC120V 0.2A 50/60Hz Output: 6.0V 0.5A
  • UL-listed and BC certified, EFFICIENCY VI
  • Desired for 6V Children Electric Ride On Car
  • LED DISPALY: Red Charging / Green Fully Charged

Milliard Soft Foam Blocks, JUMBO Size, for Stacking Sorting and Building, 24 4″ Cubes with Removable Covers and Carry Bag

Foam Forms Fun Imagination is a huge part of being a kid. Shapes, textures, sounds, and colors all help to foster a child’s imagination and the creativity that comes from it, so sometimes the simplest things become the best toys. Our building block set is simple indeed, but the potential for infants and toddlers to experiment with identifying colors, stacking, sorting, rolling, and throwing is nearly limitless. The best part is – the blocks are foam, so if your little one is aiming to be an all-star pitcher, there’s no foul if someone gets pegged with a 4-inch cube of fluff.

Carry Me! Kids are possessive. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but once they set their heart on a favorite toy, it has to come with them everywhere, which can be inconvenient if that toy happens to be 24 foam blocks. At least with the included carry case, you can tote this set around easily and deploy some interactive fun wherever your child goes.

Product Features

  • 24 blocks to stack, build, sort colors, line them up, make a pyramid, toss or squish
  • Great for: Daycares, therapies, or at home use from tummy time through interactive play
  • Soft velour feel and vivid colors offer lots of sensory input, perfect for special children with developmental delays
  • Zippered covers are machine washable, carry case for easy cleanup
  • Each 4 inch cube is one of the 6 primary and secondary colors: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue and Purple

Soldier Story 1/6th scale NSW (Naval Special Warfare) Winter Warfare Marksman 12" figure

The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), commonly known as DEVGRU or SEAL Team Six, is the U.S. Navy component of the Joint Special Operations Command. It is often referred to within JSOC as Task Force Blue. DEVGRU is administratively supported by Naval Special Warfare Command and operationally commanded by the Joint Special Operations Command. Despite the official name changes, “SEAL Team Six” remains the unit’s widely recognized moniker. It is sometimes referred to in the U.S. media as a Special Mission Unit.

Soldier Story 1/6th scale NSW (Naval Special Warfare) Winter Warfare “Marksman” 12-inch figure features – HEADGEAR: Winter balaclava, Oakley canopy snow goggles, Opscore blk carbon helemt (snow camo spray), S&S Precision V-Lite (red), Princeton Tec charge MPLS helmet light, AN/PVS 15 NVG, NVG compass, Wilcox L4G24 NVG mount. HEAD SCULPT: Modern Navy SEAL life-like head sculpt. BODY: S2.5 body, Bare weapon hand (1 Pair), Bare feet (1 Pair). UNIFORM: Halys PCU L7 jacket type 1, Halys PCU L7 pants type 1, VertxOverwhite suit, VertxOverwhite trousers, Brown T-shirt, Inner white pants, Asolo hiking boots (sewing/grey). TAC GEAR: Tactical concealment viper hood (snow camo spray), Moss dreadlocks, Snow camo fabric straps, NSW contract swimmer cut less than overt carrier (frog skull printed), EI AOR1 MPCR muti-purpose molle chest rig (snow camo spray), EI AOR1 radio pouch (snow camo spray), EI AOR1 kydex insert 5.56/9mm magazine pouch (snow camo spray), EI AOR1 kydex insert 5.56 magazine pouch (snow camo spray), EI AOR1 winter hand warmer sleeve pouch (snow camo spray), EI AOR1 M14/SR25 7.62 magazine pouch (snow camo spray) x 2, LBT AOR1 M4 magazine pouch (snow camo spray) x 2, LBT AOR1 9mm magazine pouch custom knife sheath (snow camo spray), LBT AOR1 NVG pouch (snow camo spray), AOR1 medic utility pouch (snow camo spray), Eberlestock rifle backpack (snow camo spray), Eberlestock scope cover & crown protector (snow camo spray), Digital snow camo backpack cover, OR AOR1 water bottle pouch (snow camo spray), OR Hiking gaiter (1 pair), Hydration tube /w snow fabric cover, Hydration pouch (plastic), Swimmer armor plate x 2, EMT Scissors (yellow), Carabiner, Tourniquet rubber band, Velket tourniquet, Yellow light stick (short) x 4, SOG SEAL pup tactical knife, Snow walking traction cleats (1 pair), Mechanix snow camo gloved weapon hand (1 pair), Cigar

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Click on them for bigger and better views.

WEAPON: MK25 Sig P226 pistol, P226 9mm magazine x 2, Mec-Gar P226 base pad magazine, SF X300 weapon light, SF X300 weapon light DG remote switch, MK18 mod1 assault rifle (snow camo spray), DD RISII handguard (snow camo spray), SF SOCOM 5.56 suppressor (snow camo spray), SF SOCOM 5.56 4 prong flash hider (snow camo spray), Insight WMX200 weapon light (snow camo spray), CQD QD sling mount (snow camo spray), Tango down vertical grip (snow camo spray), LA5 laser pointer (snow camo spray), LA5 laser pointer remote switch (snow camo spray), KAC taupe front flip sight 99051 (snow camo spray), Matech rear adjustable flip-up sight, EOTEC EXP2 red-dot weapon sight (snow camo spray), LMT crane stock (snow camo spray), LBT AOR1 weapon sling, M4 5.56 magazine x 4, Magpul 5.56 PMAG (snow camo spray), FN MK17 SCAR assault rifle marksman setting (snow camo spray), FN MK17 SCAR 20” sniper barrel (snow camo spray), FN MK17 SCAR 7.62 suppressor (snow camo spray), FN MK17 SCAR 7.62 10RD magazine (snow camo spray), FN MK17 SCAR 7.62 20RD magazine x 5, NIGHTFORCE NSX rifle scope / mount (snow camo spray), Harris 6”-9” standard bipods (snow camo spray), LA5 laser pointer (snow camo spray), LA5 laser pointer remote switch (snow camo spray), Larue CQB angled TI mount (snow camo spray), Aimpoint T1 red-dot sight (snow camo spray), Sniper data sheet

COMMUNICATION: PRC-148 maritimeradio, PRC-148 antenna, TEA 10pin PTT (snow camo spray), Invisio blk M3 headset (snow camo spray)

PATCH SET: IR blk/ white US flag right hand velcro patch, IR blk/ white US flag left hand velcro patch, Skull embroidered velcro patch, KC1 call sign velcro patch

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4CH Large aircraft carrier RC boat Electric toys remote control boat model spaceship Germany Battleship Simulation HT3827a

Material: ABS
Scale: 1: 275
Model HT-2878A
Control: remote control
Specifications: 84×40.5×76.5cm
Weight: 4kg
Frequency: 27MHz, 35MHz, 40MHz, 49MHz
Age: 14 years old
Battery capacity: 9.6V 800mA
Driving speed: 6KM / H
Charger: 9.6V 250mA
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Time: 25 minutes
Operating distance: 80 meter

Item Package List

HM *1
Remote control *1
Charger *1
Marine Rechargeable Battery *1
Remote control with battery *1
Antenna *1
Manual *1

Product Features

  • Full-function remote control, can move forward, backward, turn left, turn right
  • Ad hoc automatic safety devices, it starts that must be in the water
  • Overall the proportion of simulation according to the name of the ship,It has a model collection value
  • [Tips]: 1 powerful motor propeller rotation, hair, hands, clothes do not touch; 2 Because of the design relationship , model will be a little tilt in the water, but does not affect the use, not a quality issue.
  • Product Item KKK408

Matt Gondek x Avenue de Arts x 3DRetro — Aggression Art Toy Aims for Fall 2018

Whoa. Matt Gondek’s upcoming Aggression vinyl art toy will bring the wicked vision of his original painting (2018) of the same into glorious 3D. In development with Avenue de Arts and 3DRetro who is handling production, the figure features a gnarly sculpt with a grizzled, drippy, ‘deconstructed’ Martian ready to…

Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Action Figure

Imagine big web-slinging adventures with this Titan Hero Series Spider-Man figure! This figure measures in at a towering 12-inch scale, so kids can imagine giant-sized battles between their favorite heroes and villains! Figure features ball joint articulation for poseability at shoulders and hips. Collect other Titan Hero Series figures for more battling action! (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Copyright 2017 Marvel. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Product Features

  • 12-inch scale action figure with ball joint articulation
  • Classic-inspired details and figure design
  • Create giant action figure battles
  • Includes: figure
  • Ages 4 and up

Magnetic Building Blocks Set Sculpture Desk Toys For Adults Relief Stress Fidget Puzzle Toys With Magnet Stick and Silver Ball (70PCS)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer friendly customer service. If you have any issue with the product, please contact us for a refund or a replacement.

40pcs Magnetic Sticks + 30pcs Silver Balls
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Weight: 6.64oz
Steel Ball Size: 0.31in
Magnetic Stick Size: 0.16in*0.91in
Iron Box Size: 4.46in*2.36in*0.71in

Product Features

  • Easy to assemble and DIY design without the special tools.
  • Full of high creativity, exquisite, combinatory, glossy, get your focus back again.
  • Help you relieve stress and bored, relax your head, develop patience and intelligence.
  • A creative toy with magnetic sticks and steel balls which could make hundreds of 3D geometric patterns.
  • Keep away from all children under 14 years old, For use under adult supervision.

Funko Pop Star Wars: Solo-Chewbacca Collectible Figure, Multicolor

From Solo, Chewbacca, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Check out the other Solo figures from Funko! Collect them all!

Product Features

  • From Solo, Chewbacca, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko!
  • Stylized collectable stands 3 ¾ inches tall, perfect for any Solo fan!
  • Collect and display all Solo POP! Vinyls!
  • Funko POP! is the 2017 Toy of the Year and People’s Choice award winner

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 – Official Trailer & Poster Debut

PRESS: ““Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2” leaves Litwak’s video arcade behind, venturing into the uncharted, expansive and thrilling world of the internet—which may or may not survive Ralph’s wrecking. Video game bad guy Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) and fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman) must risk it all by traveling to the world wide web in search of