Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots, Large (S-3) for 121-199 Lbs.

The brand NEW, improved wider boot design of the latest models in the AIR KICKS range has a more ergonomic shape, so just three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) will fit virtually any foot, from 8-year olds to adult – male or female. That means it is easier to determine your size. The new design retains the patented JUMPING JAX technology, which utilizes heavy-duty, rubber T-Springs to capture and then transform downward energy into longer, low-impact strides that are gentle on the ankles, knees and back.

Not only do AIR KICKS Anti-Gravity Boots deliver a soft cushiony motion that’s gentle on joints and bones, they also provide a sensational calorie-burning, coordination-building, leg-strengthening workout. They feature high-traction non-marking treads that are safe to use on virtually any surface, indoors or out, and won’t mar floors!

Another improvement to the new AIR KICKS models is an extended range of Interchangeable Replacement T-Springs, which can be interchanged on any of the New Air Kicks boots to adjust the user body weight range without the need to buy a new pair! You can find Replacement T-Springs in other listings or on manufacturer’s website.

This item (#11207) is Size LARGE (S3 Springs for 121-199 lbs.) and replaces the older (now discontinued) model #11204 AIR KICKS SR. They will fit over the user’s athletic shoes, and are adjustable to easily accommodate most shoe sizes for users in the 121-199 lb. weight range, including the following: YOUTH sizes 2 to 7, MEN sizes 7 to 14, and WOMEN sizes 8.5 to 15.5.

Other sizes available are the Air Kicks Small for 55-99 lbs, and Air Kicks Medium for 99-176 lbs.

Product Features

  • Size LARGE for users 121 to 199 lbs. (with USA shoe sizes Men 7-14, Women 8.5 & up).
  • New, improved wider boot design is ergonomically shaped for comfort.
  • This new AIR KICKS model is adjustable to fit right over virtually ANY SIZE athletic shoe, including YOUTH 4-7, WOMEN 5.5 – 11.5, MEN 6-10.
  • Powered by patented JUMPING JAX T-Spring technology: Low-impact and gentle on ankles, knees & back.
  • Extended range of Replacement T-Springs available (sold separately) for changes in user body weight.