‘Los Mallrats’ by Chogrin x The Beast Brothers

For the Mallrats 25th Anniversary Show at Gallery1988, Chogrin x The Beast Brothers deliver fun retro action figures of Jay and Silent Bob with the Los Mallrats Prototype Edition resin art toys. Riffing off the title of Kevin Smith’s cult classic film, the figures reimagine the drug-dealing duo as actual mall rats complete with mouse ear style hats and rat tails. Riding the action figure concept, Silent Bob includes a vhs tape with incriminating home videos while Jay comes with a handy bag of snoochie boochie noochies. The new figures are the latest releases in the illustrious Mexican Bootlegs line.

Cast in basic gray, the 1 of 1 Prototype Edition figures live up to the Prototype moniker. The long, realistic pink rat tails add a bit of grimy edge to the overall cartoony designs. Presented with a streamlined riff on the classic blister and card packaging, Los Mallrats come on minimal cards and custom acrylic ‘blisters’. The creators have mentioned that this might be just the beginning with possible future editions and characters under consideration.

The Los Mallrats Prototype Edition (1/1) resin art toys will be available as part of the Mallrats 25th Anniversary Show from Gallery 1988’s web shop on Friday (9.25) at 12 PM PDT.

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Preorder DAM TOYS 1/6 scale Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy 12" Action Figure Collectible

Pre-order NAUTS and DAMTOYS Resident Evil 2 Leon S. Kennedy 1/6 Scale Figure at BBTS (link HERE)

NAUTS and DAMTOYS team up to give fans the ultimate 1/6 collectible figure of young Leon S. Kennedy seen in the popular CAPCOM game, Resident Evil 2!

His head sculpt, multiple weapons, accessories, and costume fully demonstrate the power of production technology, faithfully recreating Leon from the remake. With a number of weapons, accessories, and a fully poseable body with over 30 points of articulation, Leon can be displayed as though he walked right out of the screen.

The 12″ figure has about 30 points of articulation, and is fully packed with weapons and accessories. Leon includes multiple interchangeable hands, a Matilda handgun with removable custom parts, a M-19 handgun, a W-870 shotgun with custom parts, a LE 5 sub-machine gun, grenades, a combat knife, ammo for the guns, various keys, first aid spray, a radio set, and a flashlight.

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CARBINE Z (from CHK DSK X Anonymous Ridicule) Pre-orders Launched

Since my previous announcement features, “CARBINE Z” from @chk_dsk X @anonymousridicule has just launched for pre-orders! The shown 6-inch tall and 3-inch tall pre-painted resin figures are available individually, or as a set, all of whom are in a signed and numbered edition of only 30pcs.

To place your orders, you are to email direct to chkdskofficial05@gmail.com (INCLUDE: Your name, address