Wild Planet Micro Ear Gear (Packaging in Spanish), Black

The Micro Agent Listener clips to you ear for excellent secret listening. Clip the Spy Micro Listener to your pocket, backpack strap or anywhere for hands-free listening.

Product Features

  • Pocket spy device
  • Listen privately with the single ear bud
  • you can hear faraway sounds and even pick up a whisper
  • Includes a microphone, ear bud, sound dish, clip and built-in cord slot
  • color: black

Kaiyodo Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: RM-012 Venom Snake Action Figure

From Kaiyodo. This highly detailed, articulated figure of hero from the newest entry in the MGS franchise makes an explosive impression at just over 5″ tall!.

Product Features

  • A Kaiyodo import
  • From the classic video game series
  • Articulated figure
  • Stands just over 5″ tall

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter

Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter helps get motor skills rolling. While scooting along, baby is rewarded with cute phrases, sound effects and song ditties. By pressing the working horn, baby is rewarded with more songs and sound effects. And pushing the 3 buttons on the dashboard teaches numbers, shapes, opposites and more! There’s even a clicker key to put baby in the driver’s seat of early role play fun! With 3 levels of play that grow with baby, this scooter provides non-stop fun right through the toddler years! Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter includes Smart Stages technology, an exciting new way to change learning content as baby grows. Every baby develops at his or her own pace, and Smart Stages technology gives you the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child! There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play – just slide the switch for level changes. Smart Stages Technology Level 1 – Explore – 12M+ First words and sounds spark baby’s curiosity Level 2 – Encourage – 18M+ Prompt baby through questions and simple directions Level 3 – Pretend – 24M+ Imaginative fun and early role play.

Product Features

  • Includes Smart Stages technology – learning content changes as baby grows
  • Three levels of play offer fresh songs, sounds, tunes and phrases for your little one’s age & stage
  • More than 50 learning songs, tunes & phrases!
  • 3 shape buttons teach numbers, colors, shapes, opposites & more
  • Motion switch activates learning content as baby scoots along!

Phoenixnet® CX-10 4CH 2.4GHz 6 Axis Gyro LED Rechargeable Mini Nano RC Quadcopter Mini RC Aircraft, Green

Model: Phoenixnet CX-10

Channel: 4-Channel Function: Forward, Backward, Ascend, Descend, Turn Left, Turn Right, 360°Rotation

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Control Distance: About 40 meters

Flight Time: Approx. 4-8 minutes

Charging Time: About 30-40 minutes

Transmitter Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Not Included)

Ages: 14+

Material: ABS + Plastic

Size: 40 x 40 x 17 mm/ 1.57 x 1.57 x 0.67 inch

Net Weight: 12 g / 0.42 oz

Package Contents:

1 x Mini RC quadcopter

1 x USB Cable

1 x Transmitter

2 x Main Blades

1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • CX-10 nano RC quadcopter
  • Light, durable airframe which prolongs flight time effectively
  • Features 3-level of adjustable speed, cool flashing LED light for night flight
  • 6-axis design, which makes the gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability. So incredibly stable, perfect even for novice pilots.
  • Flight time will be up to 4-8 minutes. The quadcopter is powered by a piece of rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh lithium battery (Included). Transmitter Battery: 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries (Not Included)

Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju x Blobpus Red Rub Vertebrata Lottery (8.26 8.31)

Toy Art Gallery has announced the Red Rub Vertebrata, the first painted production run of the collabo sofubi from Paul Kaiju and Blobpus. Dropping just under a year after her debut unpainted edition back in September 2014, Red Rub features a Paul Kaiju paint design which begins with deep red…

Unite Warriors UW02 Menasor – Improved Hip Ratchets Compared To Combiner Wars Version?

So by now you may have handled either Combiner Wars Optimus Prime or Motormaster, and noticed that the hip ratchets are kind of finicky. They leave the legs either bolt-upright or in a very broad stance – an issue that transfers over to Ultra Prime or Menasor’s hip articulation. Interestingly, reports are coming in from early Japanese purchaser of TakaraTomy’s Unite Warriors Menasor that this Motormaster does not have these problems. More information as it becomes available, but for now read on for photographic proof!

Revisitation Hours: Mirror’s Edge

You are awful. Not as a person, necessarily, but you are awful at remembering things. And with all the excitement (and years of rumors) surrounding Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the sequel to a 2008 triple-A release that garnered critical acclaim but not much commercial success, it’s worth going back to see if we all remember the original as well as we think we do.

Let’s lay out the obvious first. The story is, as a Eurogamer review put it, “rambling.” It starts with an interesting seed and then blossoms into, well, kind of a wet seed that someone wrote SUNSHINE on. If that’s your recollection of the plot, then congratulations! You are dead on.

Then there are the shooting sequences. I thought I just tolerated them before. It turns out I pushed myself through it as if Zeus ordered me to push a boulder up a hill. They seemed unending and were the most egregious offenders of the trial and error criticism reviewers threw at it.

But my god the freerunning. If you recall it being only impressive, then your memory is failing you. But of course, how do you stow away the sensation of visceral, primal depth? It’s a hard thing to capture let alone bring back up its accompanying sensations on demand. Many games egg you towards leaning into its motions but few require it of you.

The sequences of the story are fine for the most part. They’ll dip in and out of brilliance as cramped corridors and surprisingly stuffy rooftops do their best to undermine a sense of momentum and flow. There are, in fact, many times when the linear paths—dogmatically following red—inspire genuine glee. It’s just a shame when the equally numerous times you are brought to a halt also stamp out your joy.

Instead, the game’s mechanics truly shine in the time trials. They’re (mostly) little self-contained maps with the goal of getting from point A to point B with checkpoints in between as fast as possible. And strangely enough, they’re most fun precisely because of the trial and error methodology many found fault in with the campaign. (Also the soundtrack is damn good.)

Getting two stars is often easy enough. You futz around for a few minutes, figure out what you shouldn’t do, and whammy you’ve got two stars. Getting three, though, is the kicker because it usually requires you to really dive in deep with the map’s nuances and figure out the best tactics.

The Atrium levels are a good example of this. It’s mostly a multistory vertical shaft that is ostensibly under construction with lots of half built ramps and flapping tarps and structural supports littered about. The first one has you going up to the top, and it’s a bitch. Granted, the second one is also a bitch, but let’s focus up.

You have to steel yourself for making consecutive long jumps at the edge of tiny ledges just three feet wide. And you have to pull up on elevated jumps with your legs tucked in, a maneuver that ruined hundreds of runs for me as I forgot, clipped a rail, and yelled with a rage only the sun could match. You have to keep in mind a dozen techniques and strategies every second or you fall.

It’s just as much about muscle memory as it is dealing with small problems. There are big problems that you just hit reset on, but the small ones force ingenuity and discovery. I had to deal with a botched wall run/clamber/reverse/tuck combo. Never thinking to do so before—let alone in the heat of a run—I tucked up across a gap, landed on a rail, and clamber/reversed over there.

It was a true moment of an unadulterated high. It felt like seeing in another frequency of light except it was deeper. Instead of that Master Builder or Matrix vision Emmet and Neo get, it’s a built-up and ingrained sense. Like instead of reading the scene, I was feeling it. (Perhaps that’s what it feels like being a compiled language versus interpreted.)

That is the great success of Mirror’s Edge. In tight, compact sequences where you switch off from being someone sitting on a couch and holding a controller, you become something far more…base. Like shedding the complications of a medium built for analogous intent, you reduce the game to a beautiful little lump of exultant thought. In that moment, it is pure. And you remember that.

16pcs/Set STAR WARS Collection Sith Jedi Knight Building Bricks Blocks Super Hero Figures Minifigures Toys Compatible With Lego

Item specifics Age Range: > 6 years old Gender: Unisex Material: Plastic Plastic Block Shape: Self-Locking Bricks Plastic Type: ABS Warning: Choking Small parts, Not for Children under 6 years Brand Name: S Model Number: SY198+195 Classification: Assemblage Type: Blocks

Earlyears Squeak ‘n Stack Blocks Baby Toy

These 9 soft, squeaker blocks with embossed pictures are so much fun! One side of each cube is colorfully decorated. Baby can stack up and knock down! Enhances hand/eye coordination.

Product Features

  • New for 2015!!
  • Baby can stack these blocks up and knock them down!
  • Enhances eye/ hand coordination for baby
  • Includes 9 soft squeaky block with embossed pictures/
  • For ages 6 to 24 months

Bellz! – A Positively Magnetic Game – fun for the whole family from Wiggles 3d

Bellz! – A Positively Magnetic Game is deceptively simple and yet supremely challenging at the same time.

Just open the travel pouch and you’re ready to play! The pouch opens to become the game arena. Inside there are 40 custom bells in 4 colors and 3 different sizes. Players use the magnet wand to pick up bells of only one color. Make a string off the end of the magnet wand, or create a cluster – just don’t pick up bells of any other color or the turn is over and any bells collected on that turn are returned to the game arena.

Each turn consists of creating one string or cluster. The player must decide how far to push their luck on every turn. The first player to collect all 10 bells of one color wins! The magnet wand can be used two ways: Use the small end for precision grabs, or try the larger, more powerful end to make really long chains. You choose which end to use each turn.


* High quality neoprene pouch / game arena
* Magnet wand – with a strong powerful magnet end and a precision pickup end
* Custom bells – 40 bells in 4 colors each color consists of 2 large, 3 medium and 5 small


Ages 6+ 2-4 Players Plays in 15 minutes

Product Features

  • Fun family magnetic game – enjoyed by all ages
  • Safe magnetic wand with magnets securly sealed inside
  • Great travel game in clever zipper pouch
  • Best gift game of the year!
  • Ages 6+; Plays in 15 minutes; Great fun for 2-4 players