Cool Shark Tattoo Ideas

If you have a high courage, shark tattoo ideas could be an option for you. The shark is a beast from the sea. Sharks be a unique design and is very popular at the time of choosing a tattoo. From the first, there is the idea that sharks are evil creatures that must go. This is true in 50%, and that not all sharks are the same. The truth is that if we see a shark in the ocean, you have to be careful. Shark Tattoos became very popular, and while men choose the sharks to be one part of the tattoo design, there are also many women who dare to wear a shark tattoo somewhere on the body. Outside of malignancy, sharks are beautiful creatures, the real work of creation. Furthermore, the tattoo you can combine with many other elements. Charm shark has a lot of reasons, which will try to explain in this article.

Just look at the picture shark tattoo ideas, evoke fear in us. And we can see the sharks in the movie, the story, the YouTube videos and even in real life, how to attack people without mercy. The movie “Jaws” was very successful precisely because these animals showed the fierce level of prurience. So shark brings a very bad reputation among humans. One of the worst images we can imagine in the ocean is the shark fin shows a wave. That shows the danger in the near distance. Despair them in water and not long in coming. There is no hard and fast for his life. But shark tattoo is completely different from what we feel when we see the face of a shark. What we see here is a symbolic representation, so the tattoo shark wants to show its meaning.

Strength, agility, ferocity, balance, there are many things you can tell by looking at pictures of shark tattoos. Maybe some people even use a shark tattoo on the body just because they’ve survived the attack. There are those who love the life of a shark, the shark tattoo just want to have a sense of the eternal admiration and devotion to these animals, as marine guards. If we dive deeper symbolic, you will find more things from shark tattoos are used ones. Are you interested in using shark tattoo ideas?

Fisher-Price Stack and Explore Blocks

Five blocks for baby that stack up to a tower of fun, or nest one-in-one! Each 5-sided block features bright colors, interesting textures, cute characters, numbers, and familiar first object? Baby can stack them, nest them one-inside-another, or place them side-by-side to build a colorful scene!

Product Features

  • Five blocks to stack & nest from big to little
  • Numbers, colors, characters, objects and textures for baby to discover on each block
  • Stacking play helps baby develop fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination
  • Easy to stack, giving baby a feeling of self-confidence
  • Encourages thinking & problem solving as baby figures out how to stack & nest

Top selling Japanese toys for week of 3/16 to 3/22


Curious about what’s the Japanese are actually buying and how they lineup with your own collecting habit? has you covered with a weekly and monthly sales round up. Last week was a good week for robot fans as four big names found themselves on the list.

Check ’em out below:


  1. (New) Transformers Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber (Takara Tomy)
  2. (↓) Shuriken Sentai Ninninjer Ninja Ichibantou (Bandai)
  3. (→) Shuriken Sentai Ninninjer DX Shurikenjin (Bandai) 
  4. (↑) Yo-Kai Watch Yokai Medal Season 4 (Bandai)
  5. (↓) Yo-Kai Watch Yo-Kai Pad (Bandai)


  1. (New) Gundam Build Fighter Try HGBF 1/144 Wing Gundam Zero Honoo (Bandai)
  2. (New) Super Robot Chogokin Mazinkaizer SKL (Bandai)
  3. (New) Kantai Collection 1/7 Fleet Collection Ikazuchi (Pulchra)
  4. (New) Saint Seiya Myth Cloth DX Cancer Death Mask (Hades Specter Surplice ver.)(Bandai)
  5. (New) S.H.Figuarts Sakura Kinomoto (Bandai)

 Bandai clearly dominated in these categories last week, but how impressive is that Star Saber? Star Saber was released on March 21 as an adult collectable and managed to hit the top spot even over the super popular kid’s stuff in just two days. You can see more results for other groups from last week including video games at Toynes.jpg.

What do you think? Did you buy anything from the rankings or think something else should have been on the list? Sound off in the comments!

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Fansproject Function X Recolors In The Works? G1 Code, Sonic Bomber Smartrobin, and Sixknight MADLAW

From the Weibo account of MrElljay we’ve got pictures showing new versions of some of Fanproject’s popular Function X series figures. Included is an expected recolor of MADLAW to resemble Masterforce’s Sixknight, a Code decoed more consistently with the original toy – including a grey head – and Smartrobin in colors resembling Sonic Bomber from Zone. No word on when or how these will be released, but at least a couple of these ought to carry quite a bit of appeal. Click through and check them out.

Edukid Toys Magnetic Letters and Numbers – 72 Pcs in a Tote Bag

72 colorful, rounded plastic pieces stick to magnetic surfaces. Your little Einstein will cover the fridge and learn the alphabet & numbers while having fun. Perfectly shaped and sized for little fingers. Clear storage bag features velcro touch closures and a convenient top handles. Set encourages recognition of numbers and letters. EduKid Toys brings you toys with an educational value. Letters/Numbers are 1.25 to 1.75 inches. Each letter and number has a large strong magnet with staying power so they do not slip and slide. Conforms to the US safety requirements for ages 3 +

Product Features

  • 72 Magnetic Letters & Numbers. 26 Uppercase Letters, 36 Lowercase Letters + 10 Numbers
  • Strong magnets have staying power so they do not slip and slide
  • Colorful, rounded and perfectly sized 1.25″ to 1.75″
  • Clear storage bag with velcro closure. Handy top handle for take-along fun
  • Educational & Fun for Ages 3 & up. EduKid Toys “Educating Kids is Fun”