Hot Toys MMS268 Star Wars: Episode IV: 1/6th scale Stormtroopers Collectible Figures Set of 2

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From Hot Toys; After the official reveal of Hot Toys’ first wave of high-end Star Wars collectible figures featuring the infamous smuggler Han Solo and his best friend Chewbacca which were well-received by fans, we are moving the spotlight to the Galactic Empire for this new wave!

Today Hot Toys is thrilled to present the 1/6th scale collectible figures set of fans’ favorite faceless enforcer of the Galactic Empire – Stormtrooper!

The highly-accurate collectible figures are specially crafted based on the image of Stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope featuring bodies with two different heights just like how these non-clone soldiers appear in the film, meticulously crafted Stormtrooper armor and helmet, detailed weapons, and a specially designed figure stand.

This collectible set will exclusively include an additional heavy blaster and a mouse droid as bonus accessories.

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Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece Series MMS268 Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope: 1/6th scale Stormtroopers Collectible Figures Set specially features: Authentic and detailed likeness of Stormtroopers in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope (Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted), Approximately 30 cm tall / 28 cm tall Bodies with over 30 points of articulations. Each Stormtrooper includes the following: Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of fists, One (1) pair of relaxed palms, One (1) pair of palms for holding weapons,One (1) gesturing left palm

Costume: One (1) Stormtrooper armor, One (1) black under suit, One (1) Stormtrooper belt with leather holster, One (1) pair of white boots

Weapons: One (1) blaster rifle, One (1) blaster pistol

Accessory: Specially designed figure stand with Stormtrooper nameplate and movie logo

The following additional accessories will be included for the Collectible Figures Set: One (1) heavy blaster, One (1) Mouse Droid

Artists: Figure Painted by Lok Ho, Figure Art Directed by JC. Hong

Release date: Q2 – Q3, 2015

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Very Cool 1/6 scale Viper suit sets are for Dr Green / Viper as seen in 2013 Wolverine film

The Wolverine is a 2013 superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Wolverine. The film, distributed by 20th Century Fox, is the sixth installment in the X-Men film series. Hugh Jackman reprises his role from previous films as the title character, with James Mangold directing a screenplay written by Scott Frank and Mark Bomback, based on the 1982 limited series Wolverine by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. In the film which follows the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, Logan travels to Japan, where he engages an old acquaintance in a struggle that has lasting consequences. Stripped of his immortality, Wolverine must battle deadly samurai while struggling with guilt.

Svetlana Khodchenkova stars as Dr. Green / Viper (formerly known as Madame Hydra), a mutant, who has an immunity to toxins. About her character, Khodchenkova said “Viper doesn’t really have many people that she cares about, most of them she just uses for her own purpose.” Mangold said, “as her name would imply, she’s kind of snake-like,” and that Viper views Logan “like a great hunter might view hunting a lion in his quarry.”

Very Cool 1/6 scale Viper Leather Wind Coat Suit Set (Product Code: VCF-2023) will include: 1/6 scale Female Rooted Hair Head Sculpt, Leather Wind Coat, Leather Pants, Vest, Pair of Boots (no foot inside), Gloved Hand x 3. Note: 12-inch Figure Body is not included. Pattern of the suit set is referenced to VERY COOL’s female large bust body.
Scroll down to see the rest of the pictures as well as the other Very Cool Viper One-piece Leather Suit Set. Click on the pictures for a bigger and better view.

Very Cool 1/6 scale Viper One-piece Leather Suit Set (Product Code: VCF-2022) will come with 1/6 scale Female Rooted Hair Head Sculpt, One-piece Stylish Leather Suit, Pair of Sleeve Cover, Pair of High-heeled Shoes. Note: 12-inch Figure Body is not included. Leather suit is made of elastic fabric, aging resistance, and suitable for all kinds of 12-inch female body.
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Gecco "Metal Gear Rising Revengence" 1/6th Scale RAIDEN PVC Statue with stand is 32 cm

RAIDEN, the enormously popular central character from the mega hit action game “Metal Gear Rising Revengence” is recreated as a PVC statue. The heroic pose, grabbing a “SELF REPAIR UNIT” extracted (“ZANDATSU KILL”) from the enemy cyborg soldier in his left hand, and his HF blade in the right, highlights the best part of Akao’s technique. The statue features a well-balanced & beautiful muscular body which also illustrates his outstanding skill.

The highly detailed mechanical designs of the weapons and overlapping armor are digitally sculpted by Akao’s brother. This is their first collaboration. The eye glows red with a mounted LED in the head. The closed visor for battle mode is available with optional parts. The “HF MURASAMA BLADE” left by his worthy rival, Jetstream Sam, is interchangeable in his right hand, and the scabbard in his left hand. As for the cyborg soldier lying at his feet, shows not only the abject cut surface of the body, but also “the expression of the dying arm” trying to say something.

This masterpiece thoroughly supervised by Yoji Shinkawa (the art director of Kojima Production) is the most “pictorial” and “beautiful” RAIDEN ever. Gecco “Metal Gear Rising Revengence” 1/6 Scale RAIDEN PVC Statue with stand included is approximately 32cm in height.

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Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Luke Skywalker: Red 5 X-wing Pilot

“You’re all clear, kid! Now let’s blow this thing and go home!”

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Luke Skywalker: Red Five X-wing Pilot Sixth Scale Figure from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Proving himself one of the best hotshot X-wing pilots in the galaxy at the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker has come a long way since bulls-eyeing womp rats on his home planet of Tatooine. Featuring a remarkable portrait of Mark Hamill as the Rebel hero, Luke is ready to go full throttle in his authentically recreated flight suit and harness, removable helmet, visor and comlink. From the Death Star to the Dagobah System, Red Five is standing by to set course and bring a new hope to the Rebel Alliance. May the Force be with him!

Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope 1/6 scale Luke Skywalker: Red Five X-wing Pilot 12-inch figure will come with: Newly Designed and Fully Articulated Light Body, Highly Detailed Luke Skywalker Portrait, Helmet with Visor and Comlink, Detailed Flight Pressurized G-Suit, Flak Vest, Life Support Unit with Chest Pack Straps, Gear Harness with Belt Flares, Data Cylinders, Right and Left Relaxed Flight Gloved Hands, Right and Left Flight Gloved Fists, Right Force Gesture Flight Gloved Hand, Right and Left Flight Boots, Signal Flares, Support Stand with Yavin Base Flight Deck Graphic. Sideshow Exclusive: Right and Left Ungloved Hands with Bunched Flight Gloves for ‘Pre / Post Flight’ Display Option

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Sideshow Exclusive: Right and Left Ungloved Hands with Bunched Flight Gloves for ‘Pre / Post Flight’ Display Option

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Inflatable Hopper – Rated #1 and Cutest Bouncy Seat for kids on Amazon. Ruffio the Animal Deer Comes with a Free Bonus Pump. Safer Than Childrens Hopping Bouncer Balls – Made with USA Eco-Friendly Materials. 100% Lifetime Money-back Guarantee, Red

Have You Ever Scratch Our Head And Dont know what best toy for your kids to have fun and afforable?

WELL NOW YOU CAN – With our beautiful inflatable bouncer! The best present for birthday or other special occasion.

Here at TAOindustry, we create only the finest, high quality, eco friendly, non smell materials at competitive costs! It designed specifically to provide your young one with hours of ride-along bouncing fun

Our Inflatable toy is Superior Because: Great toys kids who need physical therapy at home. Hopping is fun and easy to clean Easy Inflating with a hand pump included in the package. It’s also easy deflate to put away or for traveling Durable, sturdy, and a load of fun for all kids. An excellent toy made of a thick rubber to ensure a long life. The ears are like handles and it is perfect for little hands, and it helps them scoot around smooth floor Recommend to buy 2, so the kids can do competition against each other Bonus: A video how to pump the correctly inside the package + 1 Full year warrantee

Scroll to TOP and see images 2, 3, and 4 for our happy customers!

Product Features

  • YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE IT!: Imagine the laughter and the giggles as your child bounces around the house on their bright red Ruffio Bouncy Deer. Ruffio will give your child lots of fun while enjoying a healthy activity with their Bouncy Deer.
  • SAFE AND STRONG: Stable 4 legged space hopper, you can definitely count on your Ruffio to keep your child safe while they are able to travel to “far off worlds!” Ruffio is made from USA approved durable eco-friendly material – safer for play compared to hopping balls and stick horses. A perfect sport to play indoor and outdoor.
  • A GREAT GIFT: Looking for a riding toy that is fun, unique and not expensive? Then Ruffio is just what you need. All youngsters over 3 years old will definitely love this animal bouncer! We can guarantee it. Toddlers under 3 years old should be supervised. Inflated Size Length: 23in from nose to tail; Seat height: 11in; Body Height: 20in from ear to floor.
  • EASY TO USE: Easily inflated with your FREE hand pump, your Ruffio will stay inflated for a long time. Ruffio is not only a load of fun, but your child’s bouncy deer also will help in developing their physical stamina, balance, and core development skills.
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 sturdy inflatable deer, reinflatable valve with a FREE hand pump. TAOindustry also offer 4 different colors – please check them out and select your favorite! PLUS we offer a 12 month money back guarantee. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, so what are you waiting for, put a smile on your kids face today!

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Chronic Depowering

Along with the Damsel in Distress, the Heroic Sacrifice, and Turret Sequences, the biggest trope in video games is without a doubt the depowering of the protagonist. You start off fully torqued and hit the ground running. Smash this, kill that, all without breaking a sweat. Feels good to be strong.

And then it’s all taken away from you. In a blink, you are reduced to the larva form of your formerly heroic self. You can still smash and kill but without nearly the same efficiency, potency, or flourish. It should by all means be the driving force behind the story: find the bad guy, get your powers back, and kick some ass. And it works.

Well, it works sometimes. We know, as an industry, that it works. Just about every God of War game contains this trope in some form (how many times does Kratos rise up from the depths of hell?), though 2007’s God of War II showcases this most effectively right at the start. Still a raging deity from the end of the first game, Kratos is killed by Zeus and loses everything. We then spend the game repowering.

God of War II

This example (and the rest of the series) succeeds because the core of the franchise is a functional combat engine. Even with the various weapons and magical attacks, the mechanical foundation of God of War is still engaging. Countering, blocking, dodging, and murdering all feel so good even without the various cherries on top. There’s enough meat on the bone to support a game on its own, but the appendages allow the narrative to stretch and flex.

In fact, the depowering additionally serves to strip bare the game’s skeleton and show that it still works. It’s brazen and a bit cocky, but it’s well earned. It’s most reminiscent of the Metroid series where Samus also has a nasty habit of being depowered. Most likely to maintain universal consistency and keep the escalation in any given story interesting, the intergalactic bounty hunter often finds herself sans bonus weapons and armor, the most efficacious example being Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

And yet those games till work because that series is not necessarily about having those weapons but about getting them. I don’t mean from the perspective of the plot where we find our inciting action, forcing us to unravel thread after thread in the pursuit of abilities but that the driving force of the moment-to-moment gameplay is the desire to find more things.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

To get into tight spaces, we need to be able to become a Morph Ball. To open up this last door, we need the Ice Beam. The Metroid games are wholly built around the idea of exploring areas to find the need for an upgrade, not just for the sake of becoming more powerful. (It also doesn’t hurt that it’s fun being able to do more things.)

The reason I bring these considerations up is because of the recently released The Legend of Korra video game. Based on the popular cartoon series on Nickelodeon, it tracks the story of subsequent Avatar Korra following the progenitor series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Placed between seasons two and three of the television show, Korra faces a chi-blocker named Hundun.

Hundun manages to strip Korra of her powers basically right from the get-go. You get the taste of all of her elemental powers—courtesy of being the Avatar, the only being in the world at any given time able to bend/control water, earth, fire, and air—and it is fantastic. Each element has meaningful variance (as they are based on different martial arts disciplines).

The Legend of Korra

Air is fast and sweeping, keeping up combos. Water snaps out far and wide, making sure no foe is out of reach. Earth is slow but hits hard. And fire wrecks up close. It adds strategy to an otherwise basic fighting structure. The game functions much like Bayonetta, another Platinum Games product, but fails to deliver on the bombastic combos and hardening difficulty of varied and unrelenting enemies.

Instead, much of The Legend of Korra is steeped in timed counters, which isn’t a terrible idea, but it doesn’t inherently have a lot of variety. This is where the four elements would have stepped in and relieved the pressure of the struggling combat systems, but following the introductory stage of the game, we are stripped of such privileges.

This renders the fighting in a supposedly fighting-centric game rather tedious. Enemies tend to dawdle and for the majority of the game, we don’t have any extended options to entice ourselves with variations on the same theme. Not that getting the powers makes the last quarter of the game all that much better, but it is an improvement.

The Legend of Korra

The depowering in The Legend of Korra fails to make a positive impact because the game doesn’t fall back onto anything worthwhile. Unlike God of War where the combat was still taut and exploratory despite the lack of discrete options and Metroid where the focus is discovery and the finding the need for those powers, The Legend of Korra does it for the sake of finding a narrative and mechanical impetus for progress.

Oh tropes. You do have a knack for making a good thing bad.

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Doddcast 256 – Shareplay dollar dollar bills

This week Pete and Rich are joined by Pastapadre’s Bryan Wiedey and discuss such topics as Destiny (including the raid), how shareplay could be amazing, ways to make money off of shareplay, some sports games talk, and Pete loses the bet to Rich that Driveclub would be fixed.

Here is where you can stream it.

You can also grab it off of iTunes.

Or you can watch the video on YouTube.

Player One Podcast

Check out Platform Nation

Press Row Podcast


Pete’s Twitter

Rich’s Twitter

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – Come Celebrate BATMAN DAY at New World Comics on Nov 1st!

I live in Oklahoma City, OK. So, I wanna invite everyone in this area to come join us in celebrating BATMAN DAY at one of our favorite comic book stores, New World Comics. The event happens this Saturday, November 1st, 2014, and we are going to be celebrating the Caped Crusader like never before!

There will be Fun Activities, Prizes, Free Sketches by Local Artists, Awesome Cosplay, and almost everything in the store is 25% off! It starts at 11:00 am and runs until 7:00 pm. Activites will be going on ALL DAY! I’ll be there (Duh!) and I hope to see you there too!!

New World Comics
6219 N. Meridian (near NW 63rd)
Oklahoma City, OK.
(405) 721-7634

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Ben's Vintage JOKER COSPLAY Halloween Costume Photo! #Batman

Here’s a quick post to share this wonderful photo that a Batman Fan named Ben shared with us the other day on our BAT-BLOG FACEBOOK Fan Page. 

This is an old photo of him back in the day when he appeared as the JOKER one year. It’s the “Comic Book” version of the character and he totally nailed it!!

(Thank you Ben for sharing your fun pic!)

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